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Best Free Music Apps Without Wifi or Internet Connection

music apps without wifi

Hello guys, We all love Music right? if we are in upset or when you does not feel good. In that case, The music will change your mood (feeling). Especially These Days all the People Listen to Music On their Smart Phones Either it Android or iPhone But they all love to Listen to Music on mobile itself. Many of them they need “Free Music Without wifi”


So If You have Music In your Home then ok but when you go to outdoor than, I mean is if we got out for the picnic or any type of tour at the time if there is no wifi or the internet. We have no other way to enjoy the music what you will do.


Free music apps for iphone and Andriod without wifi:


No need to worry, To solve this problem I have came up with some best mobile music app which supports without wifi and the internet and music apps that don’t need wifi or data to paly and enjoy the music. you can enjoy the music everywhere and anywhere. also, you can download them into offline and enjoy the music every time.



The below Apps are the best music apps without wifi and you will get Lots of Free Songs Lets Begins.



Music apps without wifi


So let’s Start the best app for music Apps without wifi or internet.

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free music download for offline listening


1. Google Play Music:

This is One of the best apps which supports Android and iOS even you can access on your computer as well.


You can store up to 50,000 songs into your music collection. This app Had Acces to 30 million over songs. It starts Instantly radio and you can browse songs by Genre, Albums,  artist, decade and mood.


free music without wifi



Listen to over 50000 songs for free in you both Android and iOS device.

If you want to access for more songs than you have to subscribe to it. or you can signup with low price till 6 members.


This is the best app with smart categories songs and music apps that don’t use data or wifi.

Just try it once by below links.



2.  Shazam:

Shazam Is one of the most popular music App used by millions of people.


There is one tap to access the app for listening music by artist the are lots of songs are available for free.


You can sort the songs by artists or just choose the artist name and you will see the list of best songs of the particular artist and also if you want then you can also browse the songs by albums, Artist, and Playlists.



apps to listen to music offline free android



This is one of the top apps for listening best songs your Android device and your iOS device too.

Top artists like Adele, Kendrick Lamar, Demi Lovato, are using Shazam music app to find music to enjoy the music world.


The best feature of  Shazaam:

  • Identify music with one tap
  • log in to Access all your music list
  • Acces your favorite music even when you’re not connected to the wifi or the internet.
  • Here the smart feature is that you can Sing along to the songs with real-time music lyrics.
  • Follow your favorite artists to see what their best music.
  •  Launch Pandora radio based on artists you Shazam


  1. Download Shazam for Android device
  2. Download Shazam for iOS device


3. Slacker Radio:

Slacker is also another best music app. this is an app run without wifi and internet connection.


This app works in live streaming also. you can listen to your favorite music with beautiful music list. there are lots of music available with all popular albums and best genre categories list.


Slacker is offering lots of various album like holiday, party, classic and more different type of music collection.


You can download that music to your device directly. there are weekly best free programs is also there for collect you all favorite music collection.


listen to music without wifi



  • Free access to the music which you like
  • Hundreds of best music stations available for free apps to listen to music offline
  • Popular music demonstrates each week
  • you can share your own custom music stations
  • On-request access to a huge number of tunes with membership
  • Offline playback on portable accessible with membership


  1. Download slack Radio for Android devices
  2. Download slack Radio for iOS devices



4. Groove (Microsoft)

Groove music also one of the best music app for Android and iOS too. this app is got a huge number of downloads and subscribers and this is the best free music app without wifi.


You can add the music to one drive and play the music wherever and whenever you want. this app has lots of different type of playlists and favorite music stations.



free music without wifi



You can play music as your favorite artist and best artists radio stations also available.

listen to music from Xbox, and your device(Android, iOS). tablet and the web.


  1. Download groove for Android device
  2. Download groove for an iOS device



5. SoundCloud:

SoundCloud is the app that you can listen up to a huge number of song. the is one of the best apps with the big number of songs and this app has 135 millions of tracks with different kinds of music like Rock, hip-hop, electronic, podcasts, and more audiobooks.


music apps without wifi


Some more best features from SoundCloud:


  • Find the new and trending music.
  • Save music to your collection and get suggested tracks based on your likes
  • Interact  with your favorite artists through comments
  • Make a playlist that you can listen in various places like at workouts, on the way to work.


  1. Download SoundCloud for Android device
  2. Download SoundCloud For iOS device


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So These are some best “music apps that work without wifi” If you have any doubts regarding this please comment below!


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