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What is AA Means on Craigslist | All AA explained

AA Means on Craigslist: All “AA” Means on craigslist by the list. Craigslist is one of the biggest community which posts all the jobs, discussion classifieds. People while posting the posts there using lots of modern acronyms especially on craigslist you always say acronym ‘‘AA” (administrative assistants).


An acronym they will have the different types of meaning on this Craig List because it depends on the situation when you are mentioning this AA. So now I’m going to tell you that what it means in all the way.


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First, you need to understand the situation that with you are reading and which can text you are looking so that you can understand easily what is exact stands for. There are the Different meaning of the various platforms that can be the most useful for all the users on their Requirement.



AA Means:

While you are searching for a job on this craigslist or something you are looking so you will all see that every time. In contest will stands for arts and administrative assistants. Because it is very related to the job when we talked about administrative so everyone can understand is related to the job right.



But if we take in terms of location it will also have a different type of method to understand where is the place so when it comes to the place it stands Ann Arbor. The lots of types acronyms you can understand the situation as we’re discussing right now.



It has also different meaning when it comes to personal ads like African American. And it can refer Asian American which is relevance to the person which is your looking for some specific personal ads so it depends on the situation where you have to understand buy its place that you are searching.



AA also has the meaning alcoholic anonymous in terms of the rental listing and social group post so as I said above there are lots of terms which can understand by reading a post on looking the job for. AA also refers all ages in terms of the age group to understand to the people in age group.



This understands most when it comes to the board games. Adios Amigo is also the meaning of AA in terms of discussion threads. American Airlines also comes under this category which we are discussing right now.


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