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Banner Printing: How to Make a Banner in Microsoft Word 2019

Banner Printing: Now you can start creating Banners for your and your friends and family members birthdays and other Holidays. Yes you can find here are lots of Good templates available in word 2013, But If you don’t like those templates from the Word you can also start creating the Banners for your Holidays and Personalised banners from the scratch on word from there itself.


Actually, You no need to worry that you are capable to create your own banner or not. Most of the people actually search for Banner Printing Near me which is what’s to Go Outside and make them create the outdoor Banners by Paying some bucks.


But I’m telling you that when you have a chance to get the Beautiful banners for free from your Home itself then what is the requirement of Paying the money. Now you can create all types of banners hat including the vinyl banner Printing, Staples print banners, and signs, Custom banner Printing so on.


So first you can try on your PC word 2013 to create your own Banner with the templates that are available or else you can even try the custom banner design Like birthday banner, banner stand, PVC banner, banner signs, personalized banners, pop up banner, personalised birthday banners, pull up banner, graduation banners, custom birthday banners. Once the design finished then look up to it careful then see if you really satisfy with it then that’s fine or else you can go for banner Printing person who makes banners for money outside.


But if I tell you my personal experience you won’t even think to go outside because when there are lots of customs and automatic readily available design are templates available on word 2013 then there is no question of going outside and paying Some bucks for your holiday banner.


So now I will be going to tell you how you can create your own banner on word 2013 with readily available templates and also I will be going to tell you that how you can create with custom design in step by step guide below.


Just follow the guide to create a beautiful banner on your birthday and other holidays or else your friends and family occasions.




Creating the Banner Starting With a Template:

  • First, open your word from your PC and click on file from the menu options.
  • Now click on the New option once your Word is Opened.
  • Search For Banner on search field which is on the top of the word then the list of templates will display with a beautiful background in front of you it’s time to choose your template that you like most.
  • Now just click on create to open a preview option to start creating a banner with the banner that you have selected.
  • Simply enter your text that you want to display on the tablet itself and remove the text that you have already get with the template.
  • Now simply highlight the text and click the home page to change the font style, size, and color of the particular text.
  • Once you have done with designing now it’s time to select the page layout which is one of the important as well. For that follow the below Guide.


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Custom Banner Create:

  • Open the new Word document by pressing Control+N on your PC.
  • Now you can simply selective paper size and margins by going into the menu option.
  • If you have a paper on your printer which is largest than letter size then you need to select the paper and also Simply make the margins which soot for that paper or follow the below numbers.
  • It always better to enter the smallest margin that you can be used with a printer most of the inkjet printers the number is 0.25 inches.
  • You have to select the landscape orientation for a banner that’s 8.5 inches high on every letter size printer.
  • And also make sure that for portrait oriented banner it should be 11 inches high. So when you require more after once finished is printing.
  • You can also add an image photo banner that helps looks good for that you just need to go to design then click watermark icon and add the image that you want to display on your banner.
  • Once the printed watermark Windows Veeru opens click on picture watermark option then you have to select a picture but I’m which is located on the menu option.
  • Now select the image from your computer or else you can take from the internet that which that you want to use so far.
  • It’s time to Change your Font Size and Style that fonts to your Layout of the screen that refers to the paper size and paper orientation.
  • It’s Better to set the Font Size for 340 in the Font size Menu and also you can simply Check the sit size by Entering the Some letters. you can also change the Size If required as per the page Size and all.


Adjusting the Layout as per the Requirement:

  • Now you have to Set the alignment if the Each page that they Have contains the Some Letters on the Different Pages.  Now if you take an Example happy Married Life. If the First letter Happ and the Second page has Y Maari then you have to Set both the age together to Make all the page into the One So that it Looks on a single page and awesome as well that we want to look.


  • Adjust the horizontal Spacing between the Letters to Spread those letters over the page. So to make this you have to Click on the Tab button and Press the arrow button to adjust the size that there where I should want to Increase or decrease the size of the Letters over the page.


  • Also, You can Easily make the space in between the Pages that you want and also there are the values you will see like 10 pt and So On.


  • You can also increase and decrease the Spaces in between the letters that you will see on the page and how much space that you want to See in the wishes Letter Format.


  • You can check your Design by Clicking on the Preview button and then If you like it then Simply go for the Next Procedure.


  • Now Look at all the edges of the Pages that there are any letters are overlapping the Page or not. It should be fixed on the page fully and no overlapping the page for sure.


  • To fill Extra Space in between the letter the You can easily do it with the adding Space, or else you can also add the exclamation point in between the word or else in the Last of the Word.


  • Now click on the File > Options Display and also you have to Remember that the option Print Background Colors and Images should be turned On always. then Click on The OK.


  • Finally, Click on the Print option which is in the File Tab then also remember that Print Background Colors and Images should on as I said above in the Print Preview Option if there is no Preview of the Images and background also Fine. You can proceed for Print If there is no preview.



This is you can “Banner Printing” using your word 2013. I Hope you have found the valuable Content on this Guide still if you have not satisfied the also you can easily let me know in the comment section I will always give you the best Guide for my Readers.



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