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Top 10 Texting Apps and SMS apps for Android

Texting Apps are the Really Nice to Send and receive the SMS for Free on your Andriod Mobile.


Text Messaging is the Popular way to Communicate with People. It is the Way that you can Communicate which you cant in the Phone Calls which means There the People who cant Speck well on the Phone calls and they Can easily Sending Text SMS to the People in the Best way.


For the People that People who love Texting For them Here I will be going to tell The Top 10 Texting Apps And SMS Apps For Andriod so that you can Easily Send And receives the Text messages on your Andriod Mobile.


This Does not mean Calls are not Good and Texting is only Best way its Depend on the People Who use what Most. However, These Texting Apps are very nice when you started using it on your Android Mobile.


Just you can check out These Apps and Enjoy the Free texting from your mobile. There are lots of Advanced Features within the Apps itself that you like most and manage your Texting the way you want.


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Free Texting App


Best texting apps and SMS apps for Android:


 1. Andriod Messages:

Android Messages is the Texting App From the Google with simple and light Design which means you will find the best Material Design, Light theming Options, you will also have the feature that you can take the Backup of the Messages and the organisation is pretty interesting when it comes to the sort the messages within the app itself. The Best part of the app is the Decent Search Function by using this feature you can easily find the messages you want in the conversation that you has.


Android Messages



The downside this app is is little slower when it comes to the speed of performance otherwise this app is the Best App for the Free Texting Apps category.




2. Chomp SMS:


Chomp SMS


Chop SMS is the Best Third Party Free Texting App from the Long Ago. This app has the Best Material Design when it comes to the look of the app which made This App interface is pretty nice and there are some best Features in this App such as emojis, quick reply in the notifications, SMS blocking, MMS, and group messaging which makes your Texting style to the next level and there are also many other features within the apps that you really like on you has this app on your Mobile itself. It a fully Customisable Texting App.



Chomp SMS




3. Facebook Messenger:


Facebook Messanger

Facebook Messenger is the App from the Facebook for the Free texting on your Andriod Mobile. Of course, this ap ga the nice Speed when you send and receive the Massage but the Problem of this App is the Size which means it takes the Long Storage on your mobile and also it consumes the lot of Battery and the RAM which is not good for the Andriod mobile usee in terms of simple and easy texting. Finally, it has not too Grate when it comes tithe Free texting App.



4. Handcent Next SMS:

Handcent Next SMS is also the third Part Free texting App wit really Good Features within the App. The app much like the Chomp SMS in the Feature such as the Material Design, and other many Best features which makes the Apps really well such themes, a privacy box to store private conversations, eCards, emojis, SMS backup, and many others.


Handcent Next SMS



The Best part of this app is that you can Also send the messages from your Cuter and Tablets that can very convenient and really easy way to get connect with this Free Texting App.







5. Mood Messenger:

Mood Messanger is the App that you can send the messages with need features which means it has no many  Features in the app what other apps but its really well its own. There is an option chat head which facebooks messenger app has and many other Best Features such as t customization, theming, GIFs, location sharing, media features which makes the Texting Experience in the next level by Using the Mood Messanger.


Mood Messenger



Finally, the Best Part Of this App is you can send Text Each other without Using the Mobile SMS and You will get this App For Free and also no App in the purchase and there no advertising within this App. you can SImply Enjoy the Free Texting using this Mood Messanger on your android.





6. Pulse SMS:

This is the App that you can Send free Text messages from your Andriod Mobile. You can also send SMS from your PC and the table but you need to play for that as monthly wise $0.99. you can send the Standard SMS from your Mobile.

Pulse SMS



When it comes to the Best Features if this App supports dual-sim devices, blacklisting phone numbers, message backup and more that you have to do from the Mobile. This is the Best Unique Texting App that you can send for Free from your Andriod Mobile.






7. QK SMS:

QK SMS is a Newer Texting App which comes with the Best Material Design and its Sticke with Andriod Design Guidelines with perfect and user-Friendly Design. The Themes are the best part of this App which makes this app looks more Beautifull with promising Design.




If we look at the Features of this app such themes, a night mode (dark theme), floating notifications, MMS,  group messaging, and search for the Messages all these features make this app very user-friendly and high Featured Texting App. This App is completely Free to Use and There is App in a purchase is also there which depends on your Option to Choose or not.






8. Singal Private Messanger:

This App is Similar like Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger but the Difference is that the Security which Means this app has the Better encryption then other apps the People who want to Choose the Better Security to their Text Messages.


Signal Private Messenger


This App comes with the Material Design and You can Send Group Messages, You can also make free Calls and this is the Best talk n Text Free App. This will Work on the Mobile Contact Number which you can send the Text Messages without having this app to the Receiver and this is Completely Free to Use without paying Anything.






9. Textra SMS:

Texrta SMS app is the Best Solid Texting App in this list because of its Features and the Best part of this App is the Material design with the Grete Features. When it comes to the Design this is the Best Stylish Design with the Popular Themes.


Textra SMS

There are the Features like a dark mode, floating notifications, delayed sending, slide to delete, and many other. Most of the Feature you can Use for Free and this app also has the App ina Purchase which Cost around  $2.99  for Pro Version. But you can also use the Free Version to send Text Messages with some Limited Best Features.






10. Yaata SMS:

Yaata SMS is the Ap that you can Send Free Texting to anyone. This app has really Best Features Such as group chat support, schedule message sending, and complete MMS support and if you Purches this app then you will get the More Features like SMS blacklisting,  auto-forwarding, an auto-responder, and the ability to backup and restore your settings on the New Device.




When it comes to the App Design this will look good by its Material Design. This app has also the Widgets which you can manage it on your Mobile Home Screen and there is a Feature which you can Send the Message from the head like you can See on the Facebook Messanger. There are little bugs on the app which is not you need to consider as a Serious finally this is the Best Free Texting App that you can send from your Mobile.



These are the Top 10 ” Best Free Texting Apps “ Which you can use on your Andriod Mobile. Just You have to choose the APp that you like and Do let Me know your Opinion in the Comment Section Below.


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