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Best VR Apps for Android and iPhone 2019 Google Cardboard

Virtual reality is becoming popular day by day. If we see in the recent days the Google”s VR cardboard has increase sales on amazon.


The mobile companies also making their devices which compatible to VR experience and they offering Dolby atmos which best audio effect to VR experience. So Today I’m Going to tell you the best VR Apps which supports On Andriod and iOS phones.


The Below Apps are some best collection which you can download on your smartphone.


1. CardBoard:

Card Board camera is a Google’s official app which is available on google play store. It makes your phone to best Virtual Reality and it has lots of apps that have more VR videos experience.





This App is providing all the best VR apps. it has Google Earth, Tour guide, and photosphere which you will experience best virtual reality.



Download Cardboard for Android

Download  CardBoard  for  iPhone


 2. Youtube:

Youtube Is another best way to experience the Virtual Reality. I hope you have the youtube app if you don’t have you can download the app from here and also you can download the music apps without wifi.





After Download the youtube app just searches for 360 degrees Videos. then you will see the best videos which Support VR experience.


Download  Youtube for androids

Download youtube for iPhone



3. VaR’s VR Video Player

VaR’s VR Video Player is a best ultimate player which supports all 3D virtual Reality videos and you will have full control on your hand.





All the videos have different video modes like brightness, saturation, eye distance, lens correction, and contrast or seek video position. and also you will options zoom, 180 and 360 degrees view.


Download VaR’s VR Video Player for Android


4. Titans of Space Cardboard VR

Titans of Space is the most famous the best VR app for google cardboard. this app is about Planet I mean the planet and how it works you can enjoy the experience of best VR with this app about complete planet history.


For the each and every planet history, you can know that with their sizes and its roaming.



The best part of This Vr App is there is a 50 minutes Narration Voice over Audio which gives superb feeling to the user. there are other multiple options and you will have full control on the planet.


Download Titans of Space Cardboard VR for Android



5. Google Street View:

Google street view is not the new but you can experience the 360 degrees view on VR. There are multiple roads and places that you can see in VR mode And also just you need to take google cardboard and start the VR Feel.



Google Street view is also updating fastly and you can see your favorite best place with full 360 VR with this app and I can say this is best Vr App.


Download Google Street View for Android

Download Google Street View For iPhone



Best Vr best (VR apps) games For Android and iPhone Google Cardboard:

The Above we discussed all the best apps which have best VR experience and the best part of the games I said completely and now I’m going to tell you the best Android VR games for you.


  • So let’s starts the best VR games Google Cardboard for android And iPhone.


 6.VR Tunnel Race Free:

This is the most Exiting VR Games Forever in Racing games categories. This game offers in two modes. One is normal and another one is Virtual reality mode.





The Game basically has the race on Blackhole which gives an awesome experience to the player and there are multiple colors that that had while you racing the game the color will blink in different modes.



Download VR Tunnel Race Free for Android

Download VR tunNel Race Free for iPhone



7. VR Traffic Bike Racer:

Are You a Bike Racer Game lover? if yes this is the best for You and that too in Virtual reality mode. I personally played this game which I feel an awesome experience.


This game has Bike Stunts With VR just Think it how you feel the game.  this game is offering different kinds of crazy asphalt racing tracks to drive te bike and it’s absolutely free of cost.



The game is with HD quality graphics and the driver should have to do pickup and drop and dangerous bike stunts. To drive your bike with speed there is turbo speed also available, and also the different type of nitrous available.


Download VR Traffic Bike Racer for Android

Download VR Traffic Bike Racer for iPhone


8.VR X-Racer – Aero Racing Games:

This is another best and I can say simply because this game looks simple but gives an awesome experience while you playing the game.  the game is available in two different modes one is hand mode and another in VR (Virtual Reality) mode.




You will feel awesome when you will be playing In the VR mode. there are some best levels of an obstacle on the way of the game. so you can just download the Vr game by the below link and enjoy the game.


Download  VR X-Racer for Android

Download VR-X – racer for iPhone



9. Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR:

This app just makes you feel awesome the VR mode is very nice with this app you really feels that you only went to the moon. this is the beauty of the virtual reality basically this app is good and there is advanced by VR mode it just feels that you are on the moon.






Download  Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR for Andriod



10. Commando Adventure Shooting VR:

As this game team said if you want to play teal life battle. so this is the that you have to play. this game supports to all the android devices. best compatible to VR glasses.


After finished the task you will get the reward points and you can buy the other items or guns.





Best 3D graphic Design and good quality sound effect the game. This play gives you all full controls on the game and also you will feel an awesome experience.


Download Commando Adventure Shooting VR for android

Download Commando Adventure Shooting VR for iPhone



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  • So, guys, These are the Some Best VR App of this year.You can download the apps and Install the app and enjoy the virtual Reality. If you get any problem while downloading and installation just Let me know by Comment.


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