Top 3 Ways to Burn DVD on Windows 10 without any Software

If you want to Burn DVD on Windows 10. Then you are at the place Where you can easily Burn DVD on your Windows 10 without Using any Softwares. The Best part of the Windows 10 is that itself it has a Built-in Tool to Burn CD/DVD.


Now you can easily able to Create your audio or Video or Data CD/DVD without using any other extra software on your PC or Laptop. Now in this Guide, you will Learn How to burn DVD on Windows 10. And that too in a 3 Best Methods in Simply Understandable ways.


you are one of the People who actually in the CD/DVD burn Protection from the Long and you Want m0ore advanced features including the Blueray burn then there is the best Software like which you can Buy Cyberlink Power2Go which is of the Best and advanced DVD Burn Software.


But If you are not the much Regular user then you can Simply goto theFree method which is given I the below Guide.


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How to Burn DVD on Windows 10:

Method #1:

  • First, you have to Open the CD/DVD Disk then Keep your DVD in. Once you have inserted the DVD after some Second it will show the notification in the Bottom Right Corner of the Screen. You have to Click on the Notification If you have not seen the Notification you just need to Reinsert your Disk and check still there is no notification then Simply go for the method 2.
  • Now once you have Clicked on the Notification then you will also see some other option on the Top right of the Screen. from all those options you have to select the Burn files to Disc.
  • Now you will able to see one Window of Burn CD/DVD. Simply Writedown the Title of the DVD in the Title Field. and in the Below of the title, You have to select the Second option With a CD/DVD player and click on the Next.
  • Now you will see a Windows where you can Drag the files and you need to Open another File Explorer to Drag only wanted files in an Easy Method. ( You can easily open Another file Explorer by pressing the Windows buton+E)
  • You can also Copy paste the Items that you want on the DVD, Once you have finished the Pasting the files its Time to Burn it By Selecting the Drive Tool and click on the Finish burning.
  • Now you will able to see a Window of  Burn to Disc, with Having the Options Disc Title and Recording Speed. If you want you can also Change the Recording Speed otherwise Just Leave it and Click on the Next.
  • It will start Burning the Disc now you Just need to Wait until Finished the Burning. Once it Finished it task It will Automatically Eject the Disc.


Whenever you want to burn the Files on your DVD you need to Check the Files that you are Copying in your DVD should support to your DVD layer Format, SO its Your Work to check the File Format that Supports for Your DVD player.


Method #2:

You have to go with this Procedure when you are Not able to Holf your Notification otherwise the first Method will work Awsome for Most of the People.

  • First You need to Insert your Computer CD/DVD on the Drive.
  • Now Simply Open your File Explorer and Select the Files that you want to Send it On your DVD.


Burn DVD on Windows 10



  • Once you have selected the File, (If the Files are in multiple select those using the Shift Key) Right Click on the Files after Selected the files and Click on the Send to. and Select the DVD RW drive.
  • Now you will see a Window of Burn DVD which you have seen in the Method 1, Now Just Follow the Instruction as you did in the Above.


Method #3:

This is another Method to Burn your Dvd Using the Media Player and also its one of the easy Method for many People as well.

  • Insert your CD/DVD into the DVD drive of your computer.
  • Now Open the Windows Media Player and Select the Burn option which you will able to see on the Top Right Corner of the screen. of you Don’t Find there then select the CD Drive option, now it shows your Disk. Now Press Windows+E key to Open the Explorer, Once it has been opened Select those Files that you want to Send it on your CD/DVD and simply Drag from their to here. Now click on the Burn Option.




  • Now the burn Window will Open, Follow the Instructions or you can Simply Follow the above Guide which you have Read it on the Top Burn Process.



This is How you can Simply Burn DVD on Windows 10. I hope you have Liked this Guide If you really loved this guide Do share with your friends and Family members because Sharing is Caring.


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