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How To Use Paytm – Send and recieve money through Paytm

How to use Paytm

Paytm is a Biggest Online (Digital) payment service which is owned by One 97 Communications. Actually Paytm is launched in August 2010 but it did not reach more in the public but in recent year it getting improving well. In India, there was a demonetization by Prime minister With This effect All the money went into digital what […]

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Whare to get Copyright Free images for your Blogs

free stock images for blogs

Some Bloggers, Especially New Bloggers they don’t know what is copyright free images for blogs. Basically, they Search for an Images that they want on Google and they Just do the copy past that images. This is a very improper method to do because if you do like this your website may have a chance to get in Google […]

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