how to clear documents and data on iphone

How to Clear Document and data and Free up some space on iPhone

All the iPhone users now they are worrying about their storage on their iPhone. Because without doing anything how the storage is showing the full. Once they get to know the solution of this problem they are searching for ”How to clear Document and data on iPhone” and Free up some space.


Before I will be going to tell about the clear the document and data first let me what is document data?. All we know  Every application on our mobile has with lots of caches and unwanted files.


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while you running the applications your phone RAM will store some data in the form of cache files. with that files, some kind of unwanted files also will be added to that particular data on Document and Data on your iPhone.


You just need to find out the folder and Just follow the below instructions to get rid of ”Document and Data” problem on your i phone.


how to free up space on iphone


How to clear documents and data on iPhone

Delete and Reinstall  the Apps from your iPhone:

This is the best and fast solution from their document and data problem on your iPhone. Let’s see the below how to do that now.


  1. First, you have to go to Settings.
  2. Click on Storage & iCloud Usage
  3. Then Tao on Manage Storage
  4. You can select any Apps from the list.
  5. Just click o delete it.
  6. Now again you need to install the app again on your iPhone.


how to clear documents and data on iphone


By doing this you can easily get rid of that document and data problem. because once you delete the main app all the files that app had will be deleted automatically.


Deleting the unwanted Apps:

It’s like the same as the above but here you have to decide that the apps which are not very important to you then you can easily delete them then your phone will have more free space and performance.


Lots of time we all install the app without any major requirement like that type of apps you can delete. now let’s see how to do it.


Step 1: Go to setting on your iPhone.

Step 2: Now click on the icloud & storage

Step 3: then tap on the Manage Storage

Step 4: Now you will find the list of apps just check the apps which are not much required to you. because your iPhone gives the best performance when it actually free of space.

Step 5: Just click on the Delete To remove the Complete app and all related files and caches.


Clear The Browsing History and Its Cache Files:

To free up space your iPhone you have to do the maximum thing to free up storage. in this scenario, the being history will also come into this matter. now let’s see How to do it now.


how to clear documents and data on iphone


  • Lunch the setting on your i phone
  • Then Scroll down until you see the safari
  • Once you find the safari browser just click on it and just go to setting of the browser.
  • You will find clear History and Website Data.
  • Just click on it then Tap On Remove All Website data.


Cleanup Unwanted Media Files:

Some Unwanted media files are not that much important to you. when you don’t have importance about it just go and delete then. it will be the added advantage of your iPhone Performance.

  • Just go to Photo app on your iPhone
  • Tap on the Photos tab and select the photos which you fell that not important to you.
  • Click on Delete after you have selected the photos from the list that you had on your phone.


Delete the Unwanted messages:

Lots of people who are using the iPhone actually they don’t care about the Massages and they just leave all massage. actually, you need to delete those mess which is not very important to you.


  • Open the Message app > Open Conversation > Hold on the massage until it shows the more options. Select the message that you want to delete from the list now just click on the Delete All.


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These are some ways to Clear the document and data and free up some space on your iPhone. If you have any doubts regarding this post do let me know by the comment section below.

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