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This is the Guide that will tell you about the ClinicSource Login. We have Explained all the Points where you will get to know about ClinicSource Login. Just you have to Remeber before Login into the Account you have to have a valid User name and Password.


But When you don’t have an Account on the ClicnicSource then you would not have the Login Credentials right? So when you don’t have the User name and Password. You have to Create Those. For that, you have to Create An Account on ClinicSource.



Using the “ClinicSource Login” You will be able to manage schedules, Therapy documentation, Therapy Billing and Practice management, etc.  These are the Features that can simply help you to manage your time by the given features.





Now coming to Clinicsource Login you will get a full Informational Full guide in the below and to learn Just Follow The below Guide where you will be able to Acces the Clinic sources Login. I have explained it in a very easy and simple procedure that you can able to get all the points without much effort.


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ClinicSource Login:

Now simply follow the Below Steps where you can be done by the things which help to make clinic Source Login Easy. We also promise that the Customers of this ClinicSource will have more Access to Login.


clinicsource Login


Clinic Source is one of the best management software for Therapy practice and there are many usages of therapy EMR and the practicing management system.


It is also a Cloud-based system where you will find Many Products and customized services like clinic Sources are speech therapy, Physical Therapy, Mental Health, Occupational Therapy, Applied Behaviour Analysis, and Paediatric Therapy.  All these things are Created by many Therapists. So you don’t need to worry about it. Also, you can Simply make these things happen in time. Once you can proceed with this you will be saved more time and Money.


Clinic Source SignUp Process:

When you Not yet Registered With the Clinic Source then you cannot log in. So if you want to enjoy all the services from the Clinic Source you have to register. “Clinic source registration” is the best way where you will start accessing the ClinicSource.


You just have one computer or any other Device Like Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet with a Good Internet Connection. Also, you have to visit the Official website of Clinic Source. Once you are on the Official page of the CLinic Sources then Follow the Step by step Guide. When you don’t have an account on the Clinic Souce then this is the guide for you to Helps you in Creating a Clinic Source account.





  • The very First thing that you have to do is Open your Browser from any of your Devices and Simply Enter the link of Clinic Source which will navigate to the home page of Clinic Source (Therapy practice management software).
  • Once the Website has been Opened you will find many options where you have to Serch for Registration. If you are not able to Find this Registration Link then do check for on the Last right corner of the Page. If there is no Registration Link then At lease Click on the Contact Option.
  • Now you will able to see an Option that has a suboption of support just click on that now it redirects to the next page.
  • Here you will find a Registration page and you have to click on the Register button.
  • After you have clicked on that you will be opened a new Ticket and you have to Give all the information on this.
  • In the very First Field, you have to Enter your Email ID.
  • Enter your Full name in the second Field.
  • In the nest Filed type your Password which you want to keep for the ClicnicSource Login.
  • Again you have to Verify your Password by simply entering the Same password in the Confirm Password field.
  • That’s All, Once you have done with Everything you can simply Go for to Click on the Submit button.

This is How you have to create your Clinic Source Account easily. The only thing that you need to Remeber is that you have to Enter the Correct Details where you will be able to Complete the Clinic Source Signup successfully. Do provide the Correct Information that it asks and also make sure to Create a Strong password that contains withe CAPS, Numbers, and Symbols in it because this is very important when it comes to the Clinic Source Account Signup.


Clinic Source Login Detailed Guide:

Now coming to the Login Into the clinic Source. once you have Completed the Clinic Sources Registration. you can Go and with the Login Process. If you are wondering How to Get the User name. Then you don’t need to worry, you will be Emailed your User Name in your email that you have Registered while Signup on the Clinic Source.


  • First, you have to Goto the Official page of the Clinic Source Login.
  • Now you have to Enter all the Login Details Such as User Name and Password.
  • After you have entered the Login Credentials net thing you have to do is to tick the Remember Me box. which helps to Login into the Account without entering the Details.
  • Finally, click on the Login Button to Get into the Dashboard of the Clinic Source.
  • You will be only successfully Logged into Clinic Source Login after you have given the Right Details.

This is how you can log in to the Clinic Source. I hope that you have successfully Logged in to the account. If not them do let me know. But if you have the right Login Crdeantials then You will be definitely Get into the Clinic Source without any issues.



We hope you have learned the Clinic source LoginGuide Completly and also you have successfully logged into the account without any issues. But in any case, if there are any issues and have any doubts regarding this guide do let us know in the Comment section below.


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