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Whare to get Copyright Free images for your Blogs

Some Bloggers, Especially New Bloggers they don’t know what is copyright free images for blogs. Basically, they Search for an Images that they want on Google and they Just do the copy past that images. This is a very improper method to do because if you do like this your website may have a chance to get in Google blacklist more than that the copyright act will apply to you in this case.

So, do not copy any photo from other websites or any other Direct images sources like google images. If you want nice background photos then you can download HD photos from the below sites for all kinds of uses.


  • how to get free images for your website:


Free stock images for blogs



Then what we do and from where we should we get copyright free photo background for blogs?

In this state what you have to do is….. Today, I am going to give some Website addresses to download images to your Blog So just you can go and download from there and you won’t get any copyright issues it is completely free of cost.


The below list of Websites has completely Contains HD images and Good quality picture.


Photo Background for Free:


This is one of the huge collection of free photo backdrops, free means we can use those images in Commercial as well as Our own Blogs.


photo background



What you need to do is Please Register in with your email, once you have Register then you will get 10 images into your email for every week and you can Download lots of Photo Backgrounds which had in different categories.

There are lots of free photo backgrounds and many background photos/ images available.



Pixabay website has lots of images for free to use any purpose. You can find all various kinds of images which available in HD.



photo background



By using images from Pixabay you will not get any copyright issues.



This is UK library site they uploaded millions of images to use Commercial and your personal Blogs.


background photo




The another Great access to get HD images to use on your Personal Blog and even commercial uses. there are a huge number of photos and background images for all various types of categories like nature, food, travel, love, roads, technology, things, and Sunlite etc.

All the images this web site is providing is completely free of cost no need to pay any single penny.

this website has Good design with all large number of photo backgrounds.


photo background


Actually, the Author of this site Viktor Hanacek is a photographer. So He only uploads all the images and so many Bloggers use this website to take the images to their Blogs.


photo background




This website has over 3,70,000 images with 25 different categories and you also see some graphical images. You just sign up and download those images and you can use any commercial purpose.
photo background hd



The collection of all types of High-Quality images framework that you can use on your Blog. This website had some images sourced from Flickr.

This website is offering a huge number of images for free. there are multiple different types of catagoris.

There are some interesting images like, Icons, and recreations all kinds of and beautifull photo backgrounds also available for free of cost.


photo background nice hd



This site has over 3,00000 images which you can use personal or even commercial. you can edit that particular image on direct on the website and you can download after the edit.


photo background



  • Background Photos:

  • The above sites are the best free photo stock pictures available sites.


Conclusion: Those are some Top websites to Get HD Images for blogs or websites.



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