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How to Get Paid Apps For Free on Android

How to Get Paid Apps For Free on Android Phones:  People Looking for free Instead of paying something But I will recommend you to buy those apps for paying a little money to respect the developer.


These days most of the People are very interested in something that comes for free without paying anything. In this technology, time coming to the apps. Even there are lots of people are there who are more interested to have useful apps.


As all, we know when is something very useful then it may not comes for free right. So when they have a chance to get the Apps for free they will go for it. So here is the guide is about Getting Paid Apps For Free on Android


Anyway, Today I’m going to tell you some ways to download the paid apps for free to educate you to learn more but again I’m telling you to Buy the Paid apps.



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Ok, let’s get into the Topic. There are some Third-party APPs Are Available On the market to Download the Paid apps for free. Just we can Know those apps and also learn how to install it and how to download free paid apps. But Before DownLoad those apps you have to do some setting on your android mobile to allow the Unkown Source application For that You need to go to settings > Security and Make sure there is mark is on.


There are many Apps Available for Free these Apps and Some of the are paid. So please make sure that Some Apps which Available for Free Has lots of Advanced features even if you want to know about Paid apps please look at the below Content.


Download Paid Apps For Free

1. BlackMart:

This is the App which is available online on top of the list. because the interface of this app is very user-friendly and the apps are well customized. Moreover, it looks like similar to the Google Play store. There are lots of apps which categorized in the Different division. When I say, User-Friendly The sorting Of Apps Is very Nice I mean you can easily order apps by the best apps, Free apps, Paid Apps and Top-Rated Apps.


free paid apps




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How to Download the blackMart:

  • Install on your Android Mobile
  • After Finished the installation You need to search the app that you want to install.
  • When It shows the App just Click OnInstall And enjoy the new app on mobile.


2. Mobojenie Market:

The Mobojenie market is another app which looks similar to Google Play. This App is available for free and Pro Version on Google Play Store but now it’s not there because of some privacy violations and this app has offered lots of feature like Download the youtube Videos and Music like We usually Download from the iTunes Music.


download paid apps for free


You can Also Download Paid Apps For Free and many Ebooks and Download Free Games for free. This app has some nice features like File manager and Nice Weather Widget On the Notification bar. This app is good to Download the free paid Apps for free on Android.


Download Mobojenie market for Android


3. 4SharedApp:

This App is very Officially available on the Google Play store. many of us Don’t know about this app. 4ShardApp is offering Lots Of Music, Videos, Ebooks, and Pdf files. You can Also Download Paid Apps For Free. 

There is an Option called sharing. I mean you can share the apps with your friends through this app and even you can share videos and music.


how to get paid apps for free on android


Just Download the 4 sharedApp and you can browse and Install the APK filed on your mobile. Once you download the APK file then you can install the app directly on the mobile phone. After Download the App you will ready to browse lots of music, videos, and files along with Paid Apps.

There is also a Pro version available which you can download with ad-free.


Download 4shared for Android


4. 1Mobile Market:

The 1Mobile market is also one of the best apps. it will available on Google Play Store Also. This app is included with lots of free and Paid Android Apps.


download paid apps for free


As I said above there are many top paid apps Available on this app. Just install the 1 mobile Market and open the app then you will see the list of paid and free app list. you can sort the app list which is most downloaded and which is more popular.


If you download from the Google Play store you will gey some limited version I mean you can access only some apps, videos, music, etc. But once you download from their website you will get unlimited access to download the paid Apps On android And you can download free Unlimited music.


Download the 1Mobile market for Android 


5. GetAPK:

This App is little confused for a new user because there is some improper coding but once you get well to use it then it will be fine to use. the problem with this app is it’s not user-friendly when it comes to the interface of this app.


free paid apps


The best part if this app is you can download the best-paid apps for free and you will feel awesome when you get the best app for free on this GetAPK.



How to download GetAPK:


First, you have to go to the GetAPK website and click on the download button. when you start to download the app it will be downloaded within a second. the file size around 1.2 MB. Once you finished download now you are ready to install the APK file onto your “android Mobile”.


Once you installed the app just open the app and now you can search the app name that you want to download on your mobile. you can download the Paid apps Also.there are lots of apps and games with different types of category.


The games On GetAPK is just super Quality I mean you can download the best Apps which you will get on paid Version. But sometimes you may not find the right app that you are searching for it will take a longer time to find the exact app that you want to.


But once you started using this app you will understand the complete using style of GetAPK app Interface.


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These some top Apps that you can download the Paid apps for free on your Android device. If you have any kind of problem while downloading and installing the app please let me know by commenting below in the comment section.  if you like the article just shares it with your friends.


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