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How to Send Email to Text Messages Via Email for Free (SMS & MMS)

This is one of the Best terms which people want to Know, Whenever you feel There is no Enough Balance to send a Text Message from your Network Provider of Mobile than You will find for the better alternative, in order Email to Text Messages will be the Best Option for you.


Also, the Best part of the Email to text When it comes to the Chat from the Computer. Which means the qwerty keyboard on the mobile is quite hard when you compared with the Computer keyboard. so that you can easily type it on a Keyboard which is absolutely faster than a Mobile keypad for sure.



SMS actually stands for Short Message Service and you can send a message from a phone up to 160 characters. Even if you send Longer messages which exceed then it simply Split into Multiple Text Messages. There is the Huge number of Mobiles which can support this including the Base model and Featured mobiles as well.


MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service is actually used for sending Longer massages, Audio and Videos. Whenever you want to send a Picture that you have taken from your Phone. MMS is mostly Supports for all the Mobiles.


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How to Send Email to Text Message (SMS & MMS):

If you want to send a Text message from Email then you have to Follow the Method which can be used 10 Digit Mobile Number as your Subtitle.  You can Follow the Below Carrier setup and it follows the Below.


  • AT&T: [email protected] (SMS), (MMS)
  • T-Mobile: & MMS)
  • (SMS), (MMS)
  • Tracfone: (MMS)
  • Metro PCS: (SMS & MMS)
  • Sprint:, (MMS)
  • Virgin Mobile: (SMS), (MMS)
  • Republic Wireless: (SMS)
  • Boost Mobile: (SMS), (MMS)
  • Cricket: (SMS), (MMS)
  • U.S. Cellular: (SMS), [email protected](MMS)
  • Ting:
  • Google Fi (Project Fi): (SMS & MMS)
  • Consumer Cellular:
  • C-Spire:
  • Page Plus:


You can send SMS from your Email which you have saved on your accounts, for that, you have to save your contacts on the Email contacts so actually no need to remember the Numbers of yours friends and family.


So Now you have understood that saving your Numbers on the Gmail contacts is the important thing. If you know how to do that then simply Go and do it. But You even don’t know like most of the People then Follow the Guide Below.


How to Add Cell Numbers for Text Messaging in Gmail Contacts:

You can able to See the Guide that How you can Easily add the Number to your Gmail contacts. I will be Going to tell you that How exactly it will be going to Work after adding the Number. I will tell you with An random example Number. Have a look below.


  • First, You have to Go to Your Gmail account and Login.
  • Now Click on the Contacts.



Email to text



  • Click on the Add Contacts that you will find on the Below Right Corner of the screen.
  • Now you have to Enter all the details which are required there, Like Name and Number etc.


Email to text



  •  For any further SMS sending you actually no need to enter the Number, Just Simply Enter the name and it will come with the number itself.



This is How you can simply Send “Email to Text” Messages for Free. I hope you have got the Right Guide for you, still, if you have any Doubts regarding This guide Do let me know in the comment section Below.


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