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How to Fake Location in Google Chrome 2020 Guide

Want to Send A Fake Location to The Websites and that too On Google Chrome then Follow the Guide Below.


There are Some websites who ask For Allow the Location so that they Can Easily Serve the Better And relevant Information which is helpful for Some time. For Example, If your Search For ATM, GAS Stations, Or Restaurant So those Websites Who use Maps will Ask you to Allow or Deny the Location.



It is A Nice thing to Turn on the location for the Websites to Give you the Better and Relevant which is very useful but Some time Whenever you Don’t want the Location then You can Simply Deny that.


There are Sometimes which you want the Information of Other Location like to know the Information What are the Near Stations of the Particular Place where you are not at the Present address. Then This Fake Adress thing will Help You lot.


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Basically, The Browsers used to Determines your Location by Using the IP Adress and this is the Apprexmetly But some of Additional that Nowadays Browsers gad Developed and By Using the HTML5 Geolocation API Browsers can Detect the more information Such as your location using data from GPS, Wi-Fi networks, cell towers, Bluetooth and the computer’s IP address.


All the Above Sources are the way to Google can Detect the Location and Share with the Websites which ask for location, It all Will Happens when you Allow the Location Service on the Requested Website.


If you want to test it then Simply Download the Mobile apps Such as Where Am I then Simply Allows the Location Services it Asks now You will Get all the Details such latitude and longitude coordinates. And If you Do this on Your Smart Mobile which GPS supported then You will Get More Details.


Now When it comes to the Fake Location Just Follow the Below Guide to Fake your Location in Google Chrome.



Fake location



How to Fake Location on Geolocation:


Generally, IF you visit a Website Which Location Aware you can Simply see it ask For the Location. Now you will have a Chance to allow it or Deny it. IF you want and When you feel it REquires then Simply you can Allow it to Get the Needed Results But When you fell it Not Important what information that you are Expecting from that website you can simply deny it.


When it comes to the Google Chrome Browser You Wil also Have an Option that you can Send A Fake Location to the Website.


How to Fake Location in Chrome:

  • First When you are inGoogle Chrome Browser  Press Ctrl+Shift+I on Windows, and Press Cmd+Opt+I on Mac.
  • Now Google Developer Tool will Open and Press the ESC key to Open the Console Windows.
  • Switch to the Emulation Tab and You have to Choose the Sensor option from the Left Side of the Window.
  • Here you will see the Setting called “Emulate Geolocation coordinates” Now you can Simply Set the latitude and longitude coordinates that you want to share for the Website that you are Browsing.
  • If you don’t Know the Location Which you want to share on that website then You can Also use the Poster Address Finder. It will Give Information on the latitude and location of a place.
  • Now you can Simply Refresh the Page without Closing the Developer Tool, If you Close the Tool then you will Not able to Set the Location because of Chrome will not Override the Location.


You can Also use Fake Location on Mozilla FireFox by Using the GeoLocator Addon which Helps to Create Fake Location.



This is the Guide of “Fake Location” on Google Chrome. You can Also do it in your Mozilla FireFox by Using the Above Add-on. If you Have Any Doubts Regarding this Post Just Do let Me know by the Comment Section Below.


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