flashing lights when Phone rings

How to Make the LED Flash When an iPhone Is Ringing 2020

There are the People who much interested in Something new technology these Days. When the mobile phone has taken the important Role in the Society and its Growing Day by day on its technical Growth. Some people asking me about “flashing lights when Phone rings”  when they Get a Phone call.


People actually wanted to take a phone call as quickly as they can and after some time, they wanted to hear the ringtone when the phone call reaches your mobile. Later there is one more new technology that when a phone call comes the LED light should Turn on and it flashes.


This is got a Good Responses from the People and Lots of People wants to Know about this that flashing lights when Phone rings. This is very Useful when People or your friend are always wanted to avoid the missed call communication in between your Friends and Co-workers. So wants to know How to light flashes when phone rings then Simply Follow the Below Guide.


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How to Turn On flashing lights when Phone rings:

This Hidden Feature On your iPhone will be more and more useful when the Phone call comes on your iPhone. This LED Flashlight beside the camera will just Flash the Light when the call and alerts reach on your phone. This feature is very Helpfull for the people who actually have the hearing impaired and the volume is not Sufficient for them to Listen that Phone is ringing.


This is the feature which also very much useful when you are in noise area and Some people also want to see the visual Effect along with the audio Ringtone.


flashing lights when Phone rings


Setting Your iPhone to Flash (flashing light when Phone rings iPhone):

If you want to set this on your iPhone then simply Follow the below steps to Understand How actually you can do it So Easily.

  • First, You have to go to Settings Menu.
  • Then Select the General > Accessibility.
  • Scroll Down until seeing LED Flash for Alerts.
  • Push Slider to the right to Turn On to work the LED Flashlight.
  •  Now you also need to put your phone in a silent Mode by just Turning off the vibration in the sound Setting option.
  • Also, You have to Switch on the side of your mobile to Turn Off the ringer.
  • Your mobile screen should be Resting the screen Down to see the Flash Light Alerts on your Mobile.
  • This setting is always useful when the Notification alert comes this LED Flash Light will Blinks three Times.



flashing lights when Phone rings




Compatible iPhone models:

 LED Flashing Lights are available for iPhone 4, 4S and 5. Whenever you want to Turn on this feature by simply Sliding this feature on all these phones are Same. Whenever you want to not use the iPhone Flash LED then simply you can make your Button OFF and also you can Renable to the vibration for silent mode. This is how you can Turn off the LEd flash Light Turn Off, Once you have done This you no longer get the Notification LED flash Light on your iPhone.

More Benefits if this feature:

This feature also very useful when you are listening to the music On your iPhone and Enjoying the music then you will not be going to receive the Ringtone that you have setup on your Mobile, You only get the flashlight even you are listening to the music on your iPhone.


Also, it will Help to you when you want to find a Phone, which means when you are not able to find a cell phone and not even set up a ringtone or even if it’s Set up and Not able to locate the exact location the this LED Flash Light will be the most useful. even if its Dar then you will able to find your phone quickly as possible as you can.



This is the completed guide for “flashing lights when Phone rings” still if you have any doubts regarding this issue do let me know in the Comment section Below to Raise your Problem, I will always ready to help you.



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