Best Free fax app for android to Send free Fax from your Mobile

Previously We have discussed How to send a fax document from the mobile phones Android and iPhone. Today I will be going to discuss the best Fax sending apps for mobiles either it iPhone or Android.


As all we know and as I told the mobiles are very convenient when we compared Fax machine to take out the Fax. When your mobile is convenient then the mobile apps I mean the Fax apps should be the mobile phone. That’s why I’m telling you the top best Fax sending mobile apps for your mobiles.


These are apps which are available for free and also some of them are paid too. So let’s start.


Top Best Fax sending Apps for Android: {Free fax app for Android}


There might be the fewer uses of the Fax nowadays because of email has taken place. When the Email started The Fax users getting reducing day by day. But anyway the users of Fax Document still are there and the Best Part is you can send Fax from your Mobile itself and this our today Topic.  Free apps in the sense there some paid apps too and some of free to some top countries. So let’s start.


1. Cam scanner:

Cam Scanner is the app that which you can get all the Top features about Fax. Actually, it is a  Scanner which you can scan all the Documents, Forums, Receipts, etc. from your mobile Camera. Cam scanner is not completely free of cost. It costs you nearly $5 per month which is fairly reasonable and it has access to 30 countries to send the Fax.


free fax app for android



Download Cam Scanner For Andriod


2. Genuine Fax: 

This is a free fax app for android and in purchase app which you will get on Google Play Store. You can scan easily your physical Document into Digital Document with in minutes.  Once you have scanned the document then you also save into Google drive, Dropbox, any other app. People can also receive the Faxes from the drive.


free fax app for android



By using Genuine Fax you can receive the temporary Rent fax number which valid to for some months and in that period. You can also increase the period which comes by the default. This also one of the best app which you can send simply and receive the Fax Documents.


Download Genius For Andriod


3. FaxFile:

This app is also like genuine Fax app which you will get Free and app in the purchase. FaxFile is also coming with low price with the best interface and service. The best part of the app is the interface because of its simple and easy features like you need to fill sender and recipient detail easily within the provided space. Everyone can understand easily by its interface.


free fax app for android


FaxFile Supports JPEG, PDF and PNG File which pretty nice when it comes to Fax Documents. You need to Pay the fee when you send the Fax. It’s complete works on the credit system. There is also one subscription which you will the unlimited faxing until one month.


This app is the best app in the sending fax in terms of saving money. Which means before sending the Fax to someone you can confirm to the Fax receive by calling to them that is it working fine or not. So finally this app has the best interface to use and benefit from it.


Download Fax File for Andriod


4. MobiFax:

This app is one of the Apps that which has the name on the title. It has the best and hardest interface. MobiFax is pretty nice when it comes to sending fax documents to others it’s all because of the interface and easy to use this app. Like above all the apps it’s also Free and app for purchase on Google Play Store.


free fax app for android


It supports all the JPEG and PDF Formats. There are lots of users for this app who are still using because of its simple sign and best performance.


Download MobiFax For Andriod


5. Tiny Fax:

Tiny fax is one of the best and simplest Apps which you can send the Fax from your mobile because of its interface. You can scan easily from your mobile Camera and make it to digital copy within seconds. Also, you can import the Documents from cloud storage and emails to send them as a fax.


free fax app for android


It’s all very simple process when you start using this app. This app works on the credit system which means while you sending a Fax you amount will going to deduct from your savings. Or else you can buy credits to spend money on finding the Fax. It cost around $0.25- $0.50. which is reasonable and it’ depends also on how much credits you are buying and all. Tiny is one of the best Fax sending app which you can start using without any doubts.


Download Tiny Fax For Andriod


These are the “free fax app for android where you can get from the google store. By using these apps you will able to Send free faxes from your Andriod mobile. Just download those apps and start using them which you like most.


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