Top 5 Proxy Sites List 2019- Best Proxy servers For Free to Use

Hello, guys Are facing the problem with some website which has blocked on your location.  No need to worry about it. Today I just came with the best proxy servers / Site list for you.


Basically, What will do is, it will help you to access the blocked website from anywhere. Recently if some good useful site might be blocked in your areas like the government offices, colleges, schools, or any other administration areas but that website may help you on this time you can easily use proxy sites and browse that website.


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best free proxy sites




What Is Proxy server/sites:

The Proxy servers are nothing but as I said above, the website which you can access easily that site got blocked on your  Location (place). In one word you’re browsing the website from some other country with different IP (Internet Protocol).


Today I Will Be Going to mentions “some top free Proxy sites” that you can access from anywhere and these servers are completely free and safe to use your proxy. In my school even I faced this problem. My school management completely blocked youtube videos. there was a situation that I would have to see a video that I required that time which is related to my subject but I could not see the video. I think some of you also faced these problems. But these days nothing is impossible I mean technology is growing very quickly.


You can easily browse those blocked content that with these proxy servers if we use for good reason we can access without any problem right.



best proxy site



Best Proxy Sites/servers 2017:



Filter is the website which is the best proxy server that I can say because it has an option that inck=lude to enter the website URL on it search box and click on surf that’s it,  you will see the website that you want to see. the best thing but this website is you can access every single URL of the site and it has no much ads on it and there is no either pop up ads or adults ads. is user-friendly, highly secure and fast for browsing the internet.



best proxy sites



Kproxy is another best proxy site which is offering best service to access like Google,  Facebook and and the best thing about Kproxy. it is super fast without any major ads disturbance.


The proxy has less number of ads and we can surf the browsing with good speed. even I used to browse this proxy long ago and it’s very user-friendly with super fast speed. if you want to surf the blocked site with good speed without any big ads and popup disturbance this is the right servers for you. There is a pro version of Kproxy if you take that you will get high-speed browsing without any ads displaying and unlimited usage of browser extension.


3. is one of the ‘best proxy Site’ with superior User Interface. It has all the option what user wants like high-security encryption and less number of ads. This site looks like a promotional website that’s why I mention user interface is awesome. even you can access the website with good speed.  It also has I URL search option with some best options that you can search every single URL of the website.



4. is another best proxy server which is offering excellent UI. If you visit first-time you will see this website like a nice user experience and just feel fresh website and professional. Proxy site is offering the various country means you can access the internet from the different countries which work on IP. Even you can change the country if one country will not work. But definitely, one server will work for you.



Anonymous is also one of the best proxy server/ sites of this list because it has very fast and responsible site for all the blocked website. The best part of Anonymous is its high speed of browsing but it does not support https security website. but rest of all website it will work fine and Great. There had VIP subscription if can register with On VIP then you will get all the security website access too and speed also increase.


These are some “Free proxy servers 2018” of this year. Now you might get n idea about what is a proxy and some best and free proxy websites.



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