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Best Games like Clash of clans for Android and iOS 2020

Clash of clans is the Game for Android and iOS that who loves most of the People, There are also some People who really got Addicted to it for sure. Now If you are Looking for the Games like Clash of clans then You have landed at the Right Place to know the Top Best Games like Clash of clans.


Yes In this Article I will be Going to Tell you the Best Games like Clash of Clans in this Article that too I really have Tried them Personally and Still Playing also. Which Means that games that I will e going to tell you From the Practical Perspective and you will be Going to Like them For Sure.


I Hope You also Like to Play such Games which is Similar to Clash of Clans and those the Games whereas you will find here and Also you will also Experience build defenses, buildings we train troops & attacks SO you will Feel that Playing the Related Games to Clash of Clans.


Now Just Look the Best Top alternative Games like Clash of clans which you will list out them in one by one and as I said you will be gonna like them.


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Top & Best Games Like Clash of Clans 2018:


Now you will see the List of Similar games of Coc and there are also Task which is related to the Clans of Clan Games. You can Play the games With the Same Effective and Intrest. The Best part Of these Games are, you will be Not Going to Disappointed after you have Played these Games and you will also Become the Fans of these games for Sure. Just Go through the Games like like Clash Of Clans below.


# 1. Castle Clash:


games like clash of clans


Castle Clash is one of the games like Clash of clans. This is the Best Combat Strategy game which you can Play on your android and ios. You will find Similarities in this Games what you have Found in the Class of Clans such you can train the Arly and Create the nice village and take a War with having the Best Heros to face and fight with an opponent. You can Put the Force in the strategies in dungeons, raids to become the Best game to Get more Engage with it. There is 100 million layer Over the WOrld who are Fan of these game So that you can understand the interest In this Game.


Download for Android | iOS


#2. Battle of Zombies: Clans War:



games like clash of clans


This is also one of the Games like Clash Of Clans but not Exactly like, You will Find the Graphics and the Desing are Similar. You can do MMO RTS battles online with your friends by Playing this game which creates more interesting. Also, you will see there are 10 zombie fighting units,  12 types of defensive structures, 9 types of secret weapons with having the Levels Of Upgrades. Finally, you will feel this is the Games which similar to las of clans that too you can Play Online.


Download For Android  | iOS




#3. Boom Beach:


games like clash of clans


If you are the are the Fan of Clash of Clans then you will feel some similarities in this games. This is another Best Strategie Game with having the Tasks such as build a village, increase you XP, complete achievements and more. This game from the supercell which is Having the More than 100 Million Players Playing this game. The Very Interesting About this Game is Village Building Like Clash of Clans and it’s Completely Free of COst which you no need to Pay any kind of Money for this game.


Download for Android  | iOS



# 4. Battle for the Galaxy:


games like clash of clans


Battle for the Galaxy is one if the Bst Exciting game with having the tower defense, strategy, and dynamic battles. you will find the Best HD graphics in this Game and also there are the20 upgradeable buildings, defenses. You just need to Train the Army and fight and also there is an army of Space marines, Rocket troopers, giant mechs, Battlecruisers which you can use them while laying the Games to Define the opponent.


Download for Android | iOS




# 5. Call of Duty: Heros:


games like clash of clans


Call of Duty- Heros is also one of the Games like Coc which you can Play in the Android and iOS. In this game, you are the Chief of a territory and you need to train the army and also power up them and fight. You can also upgrade the Heros like Juggernauts, Dragonfires, and CLAWs and your defenses like sentry guns, Guardians, SAM turrets, howitzers, mines, and more 30+ Upgradable Structure you will get on the game. This is one of the Top most game Similar to Clash of Clans.


Download for Andriod | iOS



#6. Jungle Heat: War of Clans:


games like clash of clans


This is one more Game like Clash of Clans and you will find it simple after you have played on your mobiles. you will also get the more interesting while you are playing the game. you will also feel that this game but with the Great Graphics and you have to battle with other Player also you will find the best music in the Background.


Download for Andriod  | iOS




#7. Clash of King – CoK:


games like clash of clans



This is ANther best Strategy Game like Clas of Clans from Alex Wireless and named as for the Best Multiplayer Game in Online. Your Role is the Cheif of the Kingdom and you need to Build the Strong Defenses to Fight with your Opponent that you will get the Best Experience while laying this and also you can Fight using dragon and other troops and also they will be Upgraded.


Download for Android | iOS


#8. Clash of Lords 2:


games like clash of clans


This is another Best War Game like Clash of Clans. Your Duty is to Build the Bese like train army, recruit heroes there are more than 40+ Heros over there. There are the P vs P and P vs E modes are available where you have to Challenge your Friend and fight with them. You will see the power of your Heroes on the Real-time while you are Playing the Game. The best part of this Game id the High Graphics and the Sound, you will Definitely love them. Simply Try by Downloading in your Andriod or ioS.


Download for Android | iOS


Some More Games Like Clash of Clans:

  • Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD

  • Kingdom Rush

  • Holy TD: Epic Tower Defense

  • Castle Defense


These are the Top And Best “Games Like Clash of Clans” List of the Year 2018. You can Simply Download the Games on Google Play Store for Android and iTunes for iOS. There are also many Games that you will Fond of the Apps stores but we have really Tried these games and we have listed here. If you have Interested play these games them Download them for free and Let me know your Opinion in the Comment section below.



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