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{Updated} Genuine way to make money Online without any Investments

Hello, everyone. I think You people have been finding out about money making online in different ways and finally, you might not find the right way right? Don’t worry, I have come with some good stuff to Genuine way to make money online. Before we start, you have to know some basics about money-making online.


To make money online you must have some skills. Here the skill means, at least you should have some knowledge about any subject like (Ex; Technology, fashion, web design, article writing, etc.).


  • You can’t make money without any skills.
  • No skills No money.


The most important factor is definitely you should have some patience, after started your work. Because you will not get the money instantly. It may take time up to 3-6 months. Or more than it for some time. Without putting any effort in your work, you can’t make it. So you have to remember No patience, no money


There are some short ways to get money, but it won’t make any benefit to you. Those are Like data entry, captcha entry, and email forwarding, Personally, I don’t refer to these types of jobs. Because of Most of, they were fake and you may have a chance to post your valuable time and effort. So please don’t go for small (silly) works. Try to “Do big and get big”.

make money online



  • Ok, let’s start now:


Genuine Ways to make money online:


These are some foremost genuine ways to make money online which you will be Step by step in the Below.

  1. Website development
  2. Web design
  3. App development
  4. Freelancing
  5. Blogging


Ok, let me explain briefly.


1. Web Development:

Web development is the great way to earn money online. If you are a computer programmer, So let me explain, how to earn web development.


First and foremost thing is you need to develop a high-quality website with your programming knowledge.

And you can start selling the products on your website.

If you are serious about it, you can make huge money.

The website should be good in performance as well as in looks wise. For Ex. (Open cart, eBay, OLX, etc.). And then you can start selling the products.


Even you can sell your own products on your website and make your business in online mode, with completely under in your own control.



2. Web designing:

Web design is also another Real way to making money online. If you can design a website for others to their requirements, you will get paid by them, for your work.

As we know very well there are so many businesses in offline right?

If you can make their business in online, So you will get money for website design. Because if they want to make the Business in online, compulsory they need a website right.


For that, They will hire a Website designer. If you can go directly to the Businessman who running their business in the offline and try to explain the benefits for online Business, So you may get the chance to get the project of web design.


3. Apps Development:

Smartphone Users from 2014-2019

earn money online

If you see the above picture, you will get to understand the users of smartphones and how it is increasing year by year. So there is a big scope of app development. I will explain to you How it is?


As we know very well every smartphone users require an application on their phones and most mobile runs with apps.


If you can develop a useful app for the users. You will become a greater entrepreneur in coming years. And you can earn huge money. Just you can take an app from google play store. And let us see how it is going.


Just you can take an app from google play store. And let us see how it is going.


Ex. Automatic call recorder pro  (Just I am taking this as an example)

This app cost is 2.24 dollars. And it has more than 50 million downloads.


So you can calculate now how much it is. This is the scope of app development in the Future.


Some tips for app development.

1. First what you do is, Just make an app with some feature and release it in a free version. If people started to like your app then you can release the full version and make it premium.

2. In the free version, you can also earn money through Google Adsense.


4. Freelancing.

Freelancing is the best way to make money online. I will give you some freelancing websites below.You can sign up and start.


Now let me tell you how the freelance works?


I Already wrote an article about freelancing. If you did not find click here to what is freelancing and how can we earn money from it.

If you open these websites first you can see a lot of categories for work.

Now you can choose a category, In which you have got a knowledge. Ex. (Mobile, Computer, Programmings, Design, etc.) And bid for a project. If the employer likes your profile he will give the project to you.

After you got the project you can start doing work, Once you finished the project. You will get paid.

I would say you can earn a good amount of freelance.

These are some freelance websites.


5. Blogging:

Blogging is another great way to make money Internet. Nowadays there are so many people earning money on blogging. And again, I would say blogging is the best way if you are interested in.

So let’s start how can we earn through blogging.

There are some ways to earn money online with blogging.

  • Ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • E-book selling etc.


First, you create a blog. Learn, How to create a blog through Blogspot and WordPress.

Blog on any particular topics like (Technology, Food, Travel, Fashion, etc.)

Let me explain each in details.

1. Adsense:

Once you finished your blog, Just Apply for Adsense. After Adsense approval, You can post ads on your blog. If any visitors visit your blog and click on ads you will get paid some amount from Google Adsense


2. Affiliate marketing:

There are some companies who offering affiliate programs. What you need to do is, just go to the particular company website and take an affiliate program.


Once you have taken just paste the track id on your blog, So they will display ads which you have chosen. If the visitor comes and takes that product you will get some commission.


3. E-book selling:

You should write some articles on any important topics. And make it like An E-book. After made you just sell it on your blog they will pay you directly to your account.


So, these are some very important and truly Roots to ”genuine way to make money online”.

All The Best.


  • If you have any doubts regarding this post please comment below.

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