How to Delete Snapchat Account Permanently from Andriod or iOS

How to Delete Snapchat Account: If you have Snachat account and you just decided to deleted from your mobile and you just uninstalled it from your mobile and you are thinking that it’s successfully deleted.


If you think like the above method so you are completely wrong by just doing the uninstalling the snapchat app from your smartphone it doesn’t mean you have completely deleted it’s just you are removing the Snapchat app from your mobile.


Then you ask What is the right solution for “ Delete Snapchat Account “. Then I will be going to show you the best ways to delete your Snap chat Account Permanently from your Android And iOS phones.


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How to Delete Snapchat account 2018:

As I said you can’t delete the snap chat account from your mobile. if you want to delete the snap chat account for permanently then you have to go to their website and you need to delete from there.


If you want to know more and also wants to know how exactly you can delete then the follow the below steps to understand How to delete the Snapchat account. By reading the Above Matter you might have clearly Understand that by Uninstalling the Snapchat from the Mobile Phone it does not mean You have completely out of it. You have just Removed the App.


The What should I Do and How to delete it [Ermanatly if these are your Questions then The best Solutions are in the Below Guide Just follow them And Enjoy.


Best Method To Delete Snapchat Account

  • To delete your Snapchat account then you have to go to
  • Just Scroll down until you find the Community.


how to delete snapchat account



  • Under community section, you have to click on the Support.
  • Once you clicked on that now you will see the new window of Snapchat Support
  • Now On the left of your screen, you will find the options. in those options, you just select the My Account & Setting.

snapchat delete account


  • Once you have clicked on that you will find lots of option on the list.
  • Just you need to click on the Account Information which is located on the first of the list.


delete snapchat account



  • Now you will able to see the option Called Delete My Account.


snapchat delete account


  • After you click on to the delete my account your account will be deactivated for 30 days.
  • In these 30 days, you friends not able to see you on their list and you can’t visibly on snap chat.
  • Now if you not logged in your Snapchat account for within 30 days then your account will be going to delete permanently.


how to delete snapchat account


  • But if you login in within these 30 days of the period then again you are on snapchat. I’m mean you will be reactivated for your snapchat account.



Now you have learned How to delete your Snapchat Account Permanently. if you have any doubts regarding this post do let me know by the comment section below.


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