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How to Add Contacts to Hotmail – Latest Guide of Hotmail Contacts 2019

One of the best things about Windows Live Hotmail is the ability to quickly and efficiently to add the contacts on Contacts list of Hotmail and which it maintains by the Hotmail servers, ALso its very much easy to edit those contacts list and also there are many other features using A Hotmail.


Hotmail is the free, Web-based email service which is hosted by the Microsft and it is a completely free Email like other Emails who are simply able to get the revenue from the Advertisements and giving the completely free service for the Users of Hotmail.


Now When it comes to the Adding contacts to Hotmail, then you can easily Add the Contact in the two ways which are the best methods that you can do it, By an email from a sender and by the Contacts interface. Both are very much easy that has to be very interesting that you will be able to do it.


Now let’s see How you can easily do it in both processes, The first let’s check to Add Contact Via Sender’s Email.



where are contacts in hotmail



Add Contact Via Sender’s Email:


  • First, you have to Open your Browser and Login into your Hotmail Account By Going to the Hotmail website Using your User Name and Password that you have created on Hotmail.
  • Now you have to Click on “Inbox” button then Go to an Email of a sender that you actually wants to add to Contacts.


  • Click on the “Add Contact” labeled which is located under the “From” field in your email Dashboard.


  • Once you have finished by Clicking “Add Contact” the email address and name will be added to Contacts of your list then simply your contacts window will be Opened.


  • If you want to Ad some more information on the Cinatcs then you can easily add in the provides Fields.


  • Finally, Click on “OK” To save the Contact and Close the Contact Window.


  • Now you can easily Test it by Creating the New Email then Click on the “To” and add the recipient the contacts that you have saved on your list will be added to this field.


Add Contacts Via Contacts Page:


  • Fist you just have to Open your Browser and Login to your Hotmail using your Valid User Name and Password.


  • Now you will be able to see a “New” button over there and Just beside of that, you will be able to see downward-pointing arrow just click on that. Then select “Contact” from the Menu. Now the Contact window will be Opened.


  • Enter all the Details such as first name, last name, nickname and email address in the Provided Fields.


  • You can also add more information like additional Phone Numbers for a Home phone number, Work phone number, additional Email addresses and Even an Adress.


  • Finally, Click on the “Save” button t the save this New Contact.


  • Now you can easily Test this by Creating the new Email then Clic on the “To” Button and simply The contacts will be displayed select this new Contact which is the recipient.



Now completed the Guide for “How to Add Contacts to Hotmail”. Still, if you have any Doubs regarding Hotmail or any other Doubts do let me know in the comment Section Below.


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