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How to Change an AOL Account to a Free AOL Account – 2019

Already there are the many Guides about the AOL on this website Which you will find in between of this Post and Today I Just Came with a one of the Interesting Topic “How to Change an AOL Account to a Free AOL Account”.


AOL actually gets its revenue from the Advertising based which is Completely opposed to the Subscription-Based for sure and also If you have an Internet connection of AOL Brand band then You no need to pay For AOL Account. SO now you can Switch to a Free account or else you can Simply Continue with Your Monthly Fees.


Now once you have changed your Account to free AOL Account still you will able to Acces the services of AOL account but there are some services Like McAfee security software and live technical support will not et in the Free Version.


So, If you Feel the above two service is used and also feel don’t go any service without security then you must stay with the paid version of the AOL service. But If you feel those are not that Important and Still continue the free services the Follow the step by step Guide below.


Once if you wants to Transfer you AOL account paid to free then You actually no need to get worried because still, You will be able to access the AOL Mail for free.


So finally if you want to cut your monthly expenses and wants to save some money then you can Convert from paid to free and Enjoy with your free AOL account.


Before Changing Account into free Let’s look at the AOL Mail Monthly charges once.



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About AOL Monthly Access Charges:

The monthly Charges of AOL Account is all depended on the Plan that you have chosen in the Beginning of the account you have Created.

AOL offers a Dail Up Connection if You can also Purchase  Internet access from another service to maintain the AOL account Membership for Some benefits.

  • For the $25.90/month you will get a Premium Account.
  • For $11.99/month you will get  AOL with security software and dial-up access, along with technical support, 24 hours a day also connectivity and security issues.
  • For  $9.99/month you will get all the Feature that you will get on the $11.99 but Some limited technical Support.


AOL account



Change an AOL Account to a Free AOL Account:

Step 1:

First You have to Go to the AOL Mail website and Navigate to the My Account (


Step 2:

Now Enter your User Name and Password in the Required Field and Click on the Sign In.


Step 3:

Now Answer the Security Question that has been Asked and click on the Continue to Go to your Account.


Step 4: 

Now Click on the “Manage My Subscriptions” which is located under the Service Options.


Step 5:

Now Simply Click on the “Cancel Billing” option which is below of your AOL Subscription Information.


Step 6:

Now you have to check and verify the Confirmation Page. Because AOL offers you the Low-Cost Monthly prices to Proceed with Those offer to Protect their Paid Customers.


Step 7:

Select the reason for canceling the Account from the Menu which is available on the Drop Down feature and Clicks on the Cancel My Billing.” Now your paid AOL account will be canceled.


Step 8:

Also for Alternative options like to change your account and Related support you can Also make a Call to 888-265-8008 or 800-984-6207


Step 8:

you will be given the Automated Menu that having the Billing Option, Choose Billing option from the Menu and Simply Tell to the operator you won’t be given this Option. Now you will be transferred to an Operator who will help you make the AOL plan change.



Now I Hope you have Learned “How to Change an AOL Account to a Free AOL Account”. Still, If you have Any doubts Regarding AOL Account Do let me know in the Comment section Below.


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