how to clean tv screen

How to Clean TV Screen of Rear Projection TV Screen and Mirror

How to Clean TV Screen: Most of the people think that when it comes to the Rear projection TV Clean is only the Front Screen of the TV. But the Most of these people should know Only Cleaning the Front screen of the TV is doest no Make the Picture Quality Better, The other Components also must be Cleaned but you need to be very Careful while cleaning those.


Now The Main point will take a Place that How you will clean the Other Components without making Any kind of problem to the TV. Of Course, this has been asked by most of the People who want to make and Maintain Their TV Clean and Good.


So Now I will be going to tell you the best way to Clean your TV and How you can do with actually easy, I have explained a Detailed step by step guide Below which can tell you to Do it with care.


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How to Clean TV Screen:


how to clean a flat screen tv



  • First and fore Most thing that you have to Do is You must take out the Power cable of your TV Whenever you Decided to clean your TV including the Like the TV Screen.


  • Now Once you have taken out the Power cable, Fist you should start cleaning by starting with the front screen by spraying glass cleaner onto a cloth and Gently clean it on the glass of the Tv Screen, this type of cleaning Most People Keep doing which I have no need to explained too Detailed for sure. ( You also have to have remembered that you can’t Spray the liquid directly on the screen because it will just run Down and goes into the Frames of your TV which has some electronic components there, that affects your TV, SO be careful about it).


  • Remove all the cables and wires from the Rear of the TV including the fiberboard cover which is located back of your TV. You will also Notice main electronic circuit boards while removing the Fiberboard cover from your TV which is covered with a Thick layer of the Dust, You should not Clean this Component.


  • Now its time to look above to the main electronic circuit boards which you will able to see the mirror used to reflect the image from the colour guns to the front screen. If you have found any Horizontal Flipboard over there, then simply Remove it to make the screen better visible.


  • It always Better and only Should use a Static Duster to clean Mirror of your TV and You should not use any kind of TV liquid Clear here and if you able to see there is a thick Dust then use Compressed air to Blast that Dust. ALways you have to remember you should not disturb for the other components there. our duty is that only Just needs to clean but not remove all the electrical Components and cleans with liquid glass cleaner.


  • Now Look to the front of the TV which is located behind the main electronic circuit boards and always conder that removes cleanly the three glass lenses on top of the colour guns with Just using Duster also that should be a simple static Duster.


  • Also When it comes to the main electronic circuit boards you keep remember that you have to Clean only with the static Duster and only this Duster will always the safe to Clean the dust in an Electrical Components. Also, you can use the soft bristled brush, compressed air and vacuum cleaner wand when there is a Dust with Higher Level then the Normal.


  • Finally its time to Replace the Fiberboards and plugin all the components in your projection TV on  the same Placemats without any problem, and also Plug your TV back into the outlet then its Time to Turn On your TV and make sure is there any Improvement of TV Picture quality, If you have Done Everything in a Proper way then it might have improved.



I hope That you have Learned “How to clean tv screen” and if you satisfy with this Guide the do share or If you have any doubts regarding this post then DO let me know in the comments section I will Always ready to help to my readers.


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