How To Connect Xbox One Controller to Window PC/Mac

How To Connect Xbox One Controller to Window PC/Mac

There is a brand new Xbox One Controller which has you are Planning to Buy and searching for How to connect Xbox one controller to Window PC/MacThen this is the guide for you which will be going to tell you all about Xbox One Controller.


Actually, If you want to connect Xbox one controller to your console, then there are actually different types of Methods which are available for Different Platforms Now I will be going to tell you How do you actually do that.


You are the One Person who actually trying to learn how to connect then just Follow the Below steps that you have explained I the Details which also you will find them in the Stright Pints that can easily Understandable for you. Now without having the late let’s Begin.


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How to connect Xbox one controller to your console?

As I Said there are multiple Methods and Ways to connect your Xbox Controller to Xbox One. So Now I will start Guiding you in the Different Methods that you can easily able to Understand.


How To Connect Xbox One Controller to Window PC/Mac


Method 1: Pairing with the Xbox button:

  • First, you have to Turn On your Xbox One console.
  • Now Insert the batteries int the Controller ( rechargeable batteries from the Xbox One Play & Charge Kit).
  • Now Turn on the Xbox Controller by Pressing and Hold the Xbox Button.
  • Once it has Turned On Now press the Connect Button which is located on the Side.
  • Now simply Press and Hold the Black Button which is on the Top of the Controller, Now It will flash the lights that mean its searching for the Console.
  • Once it Connected it Just Shows the Solid Light.
  • Now You have Successfully Connected the Console to the Xbox Connected.
  • If you want Connect more Controllers the Simply Repeat this Procedure that you have done.


Method 2: Connect the controller using a USB-to-micro-USB cable

Now, this is the Method which Looks pretty easy that Connects With the Cables. If you have a Mocrod USB Cable or else if you have an Xbox One Play & Charge Kit then You can simply Connect the controllers to Consoles with Using these Micro USB Cables in Between the Controllers and Consoles, that Connected automatically when you have Connected Using these Cables.


These are the Methods which can be not Enough when you actually want to connect Xbox one controller to android, iOS, and Windows 10 PC. Now let’s go and Discuss that How to connect Xbox one controller to PC without getting any late.


How to connect Xbox one controller to PC:

The best part of this Xbox One is you can Easily connect to your PC without having any third party Softwares and Any other Tools. Now we Can use the USB cable in this case that not even Requires any kind Drivers Downloads and Installs. Now let’s see How to connect Xbox one controller to windows 10 PC. When you Jus wants to Connect you should Check all these Requirements are there or Not On your PC.


How To Connect Xbox One Controller to Window PC



  • A micro-USB cable
  • An Xbox One Controller
  • A PC running Windows 7 or higher


Connect Xbox One Controller To Windows 10 PC:


As is said above When you want to Connect the Xbox One to your PC you don’t require Any kind of Drivers and Softwares Just you need to Use your Cables which are available Connect Directly So that you can make your PC that connected to Xbox One. Once you have Connected the Xbox one by Using the USB it Just Automatically Starts installation in the Background that will make your Work so easily without having any kind of problems so Once it has Connected you can simply Play The Games and Enjoy the Games on Your PC.


Connect  Xbox Wireless To Windows 10 PC (Built-in or with Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows):

Still, there are no any kinds of Adapter from the Microsoft which you will be going to Connect Xbox to Windows wirelessly. You Just Need to connect to the Xbox Wireless Adapter that can be not available on the all the markets. But if you already Purchased then simply you can Connect wirelessly by Following the below Guide.


  • Click on the Start Menu from your Windows 10 PC.
  • Now Goto The settings.
  • Click on the Devices.
  • Find the Bluetooth Option and Clik on the Bluetooth, It starts Scnnig and will find the nearby Devices.
  • Select the Add Bluetooth or Another Device.
  • Now Take your Xbox one and press and Hold the button that turns on Your Controller.
  • Hold the Pairing Button on the Controller that can start Paring through the Bluetooth. After some time the controller will appear on the Devices Fund on your PC.
  • Now simply Click on the Pair to start pairing the device and You are done.




How To Connect Xbox One Controller to Mac



How to connect Xbox One controller to your Mac?


Mac OS does not come with Driver for Xbox 360 Controller that can be the Most of the time and it not even their Responsibility to make these types if third party Driver to the Consumers which they have not been coming with not even comes in the Future so far. But if you see the history before some year you will find Colin Munro, at TattieBogle has released a driver in the year 2006 which not has been Updated until the year 2012. Still, if you are Confused and not Get anything and wants to how to connect Xbox One controller to your Mac  Just Follow the rest guide to Understand how do you do that so easily.


Steps for install the Xbox one driver to your Mac:

  • First, You need to Download the drivers for Xbox One controller.
  • Once you have downloaded the Files now simply Double-click on the DMG File which can Mount the File.
  • Now Double click on the “Install 360 Controller.pkg” File to start the Installation process and Follow the rest Guide. and also you should know your mac will be rooted in the installation process.
  • Once your Mac has Rebooted you will find the Xbox 360 Controller in the System Preferences.
  • Now the installation has been finished.


How Connect he XBox 360 Controller to your Mac?

Simply Follow the Below steps to Start Connecting your XBox 360 controller.

  • Fist you have to Press the big XBox logo button on the Controller which Turn on the Controller ON.
  • Now press the Button on the USB Receiver which is the part of the Connection.
  • Press the Connect button which is on the Game Controller.
  • Now the circle around the lightBox should be Light Up and one-quarter of the circle indicating the controller number that means now it has successfully connected now you can start Your favorite controller-supported Mac game.



This is How can Connect Xbox One Controller to Window PC/Mac”. Still, If you are not able to Connect and Getting any Problem then Simply let us know in the comment section below. Definitely we always ready To help our Readers.



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