How to Convert MP4 to MP3 in Windows Media Player -2019

Now, This is the Questions most of the People ask that “How to Convert MP4 to MP3 in Windows Media Player” Before Converting the FIles lets Learn about What and How Mp4 and MP3 Files works So Far. Later you can do Mp4 to mp3 converter very Easily.


Mp4 Files are Actually used for Uploading the Videos the on the Internet for the Storage your Data and Files on the Internet and For Viewability.


Mp3 Files are the that we Downalod the Music from the Internet and Use on our Device to Listening to the Songs. Both MP3 and MP4 Files are actually moving the Files Between the Two devices with compressing the actually File Size. Bith the Files have the similar properties that they work both are same but the only one Difference is MP4 is the video Format and MP3 is an Audio Format.


Now the Main Matters comes into the Picture that How to Convert MP4 to MP3 in Windows Media Player to make it simple I will be going to explain this in a Simple and easy Method that you can understand very quickly and easily for sure.


If you are using the Windows OS and Using the Windows Media Player on your System then you can simply convert between the two file formats which are in a Simple and easy Format.


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MP4 to MP3 Convert on Windows Media Player:


mp4 to mp3 converter


m4a to mp3



Step 1: 

The first thing that you have to Download the Windows media player if you Don’t really have on your Computer. If you really Don’t have it on your PC then you should Download only From the Official Microsoft Website. There is a Media player which is Available in Different types of Languages.


Step 2: 

Now its Time to Lunch the Windows Media player on your Computer by Going to the Start > All Programs > Windows Media player from the List that there you will see.


Step 3:

Now simply Open the MP4 File that you want to Convert into Mp3. For that Just Goto the  “File” Menu, click “Open” now Open the MP4 File from the Window it Appeared. Chose the file then Tap on the Open. Now the File will Open Up and Start Playing it on Windows Media Player.


Step 4:

Now again click on the File from the Menu bar and Choose the Save As option. When you clicked on the Save As a new Window will Open Up that having the Enter the file name now you have to Simply Cut the 4 And replace it with the Number 3.


Step 5:

Finally, Scroll the Folders and Select a Folder that you want to Save this Mp3 File after Entering the MP3 File as an Extention. Now simply Click on the Save Button. Succes Now a Copy of the MP4 Files have been saved on the Folder you have selected as an Mp3 File.



This is The Guide to “How to Convert MP4 to MP3 in Windows Media Player” on your Latest 2018 Windows Media Player. I Hope You have Liked this Guide IF yes then Share this Guide with your Friends to Learn the Latest Technology Knowledge.


Still, If you have any Doubts Regarding Convert M4a to MP3 Guide then Do let Me know in the Comment Section Below.


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