How to Convert PDF to JPG and JPG to PDF

If you want to convert your (Portable Document Format) PDF to JPG then you have to Follow this Guide carefully to Learn How you can easily Convert PDF to JPG. So a PDF can Be converted into the JPG also many other Formats as well.


There are much other software can Do this Job and also  Macintosh can also do as to View the Pdf FIle and also GPG formats you can Save and edit the Both PDF and JPG formats on your PC very easily, also you can Convert PDg to JPG in the same way that you create a Picture on the Software.


Now If you take Windows whenever you take a screenshot it will save on the JPGs format. Whatever file you take a screenshot it gonna save in a JPG for sure. IF you want to view and a PDf file you can Go for any other PDF File viewer or there are many freely available Softwares are there.


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pdf to Jpg



pdf to Jpg



  • First, You have to Open your PDF file in a PDf viewer on your Computer, If you don’t have any Software then get the Adobe Acrobat Reade which is available for free on
  • Now Open the  Snipping Tool application from your computer that is located on the C:\Windows\System32.


  • Simply Click the New Many and Select the Screenshot that you want to use. Also, You should remember that a Window Screenshot will only collect all the text that you are seeing now on A PDf File. but when it comes to the rectangular screenshot will allow you to drag that PDF file to convert that File into JPG File format.


  • Now simply Click on the Save As button from the File Menu Snipping Tool. Now your PDF file has Become the JPG File.
  • Like the same, you can Take a PDF file and Do same like above to make PDF file to JPG.
  • Open a PDf file and check it in a Preview then Goto the PDf viewer which comes on the Windows X.
  • Now Select Saveas from the Menu Bar that Locates on the File.
  • Choose “JPEG” from the Drop-down list and simply click on the Save.
  • Now you can reapest this As many pages as you want to convert your PDF file into JPG file format.
  • Its time to Open your Browser and Search for the Onlive File Converter you will get all the Lost Of file converter on the Top of the List.
  • Once you have opened your Online File Conver Tool then Select your PDF file Convert into the JPG. After Uploading the FIle into the File converter Simply Choos the Output as JPG or else Select PNG, PNG is also the newer file that can be the Graphic formats that can read any images file including the JPG.
  • If Require just Enter your Email Id to get your File directly into your Email then Click on the Convert Button to start Converting the File.
  • There are some Software that comes with Watermark into that so if you want to remove the Watermark then you need to Purchase their product that you want to get it On.
  • But Most of the file converter are Free and some are Paid once as well. So you can do it with the free tools without having any issues.

Like if you want to Convert JPG to PDF follow the Same Guide just Repace the JPG in PDF, and Replace PDF on JPF file. It’s Just as simple as that.



This is the completed Guide for Converting file from “PDF to JPG” I Hope that you got that Pint and the Guide which you can simply Covert Your PDf to JPG file. If you like this Guide to share with your friends and family. And IF you have any Doubts regarding this Do let Me know in the comments.


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