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How to Dial Customer Service on a Sprint Phone – 2020 Guide

Whenever you face a Problem with the Sprint Phone and that too directly from your Phone is always the Best Choice to Dial Customer service. Now Any Sprint Phone Customer is able to access the Customer Service on a Sprint Phone.


By Dialing to the Customer service department you will be able to make a Payment Over the phone, Ask for Technical help and even you can also Purchase the new Equipment.


All these you can connect with a Customer care Support with a Short Phone Code from your  Sprint Phone and also if the Code is Not Work for some Reason then always you will have an Alternative Option that is Connect to the Sprint Customer Service Department via 10 Digit Phone Number.


So if you have Not Understood Correctly then you can easily Go ahead and Follow the detailed and step by step Guide to how you can actually dial to Customer Service.



sprint pay by phone




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Dial Customer Service on a Sprint Phone:


  • First, you have to Collect all the Information that you wants to Know about Before you start speaking to the Sprint Customer Service.


  • Your Main 10-digit Sprint phone number is also required which is Associated with the Account.


  • And the Final Four Digit number of your Account Holder’s social security number also Need.


  • Sometimes or every time the Both Sprint account number and the security code associated with the account also required to verify your Sprint account while calling customer service.


  • Now Just Turn on your Sprint Phone to Proceed to further Work.


  • Dial “*2” or you can also get them by the Calling to this Number “ 888-211-4727.”


  • Now call to the Number. Your Call will be Connects to the Sprint customer service. You need to wait until it gets connected via automated service.


  • You need to Enter the “1” if you are calling from the Sprint phone or else you have to Enter 10-digit Sprint number for the account.


  • Now follow the Automated voice and choose the service that you wants to Proceed with by Pressing the Number on your phone keypad. Like there Press “2” for Make a Payment. You will Listen while it says each service for each Individual numbers.


How to Find Out What Account Number My Sprint Phone Number Is Under?


As a Sprint mobile carrier Customer, you need to have your account Number to access your Services like a view and pay your bills, upgrade your phone, make any changes to your plan and download ringers.  You can simply do all these on Online Sprint Website by having the Account Number.


So First you have to register to manage all these services on your Account. After registering your account you will Create a user name and Password for your Further Login and to Managing your account so far.


Follow the below Steps to Find out your Account Number that your Mobile Number associated with.


  • First Do Visit o the Sprint.com website, then Click on the “Need to Register for Access?” which is located under the My Sprint Sign-On.” This will brings to you on the Registration Page to start Registering on the Sprint.


  • Now Enter your First and Last name on the Provided filed which is Display on your Account profile after created an Account.


  • Create a User Name and Password for your account which is should between the six to 33 Characters and also you have to Remember that Password if you don’t make a Note for it then Create a Password which is easy and Remember for you. But keep in Mind you should always make a Strong Password that should be easy for you and difficult for others.


  • Now Enter your Email Address to get the Messages from the Sprint and whenever you forget the Password or User Name you must Enter your Phone Number by Clicking on the Phone Button then Click Continue.


  • Enter your Account PIN, If you don’t have it then Create New One because of it always Important whenever you Contact the customer support then you will always need this PIN. After that Follow the Onscreen Instructions to proceed further.


  • After finished everything Just Close the window and go to the Sprint.com again. Then Log into your account By the Username and Password that you just have created now.



  • Once you have successfully Entered the Username and Password your Account Will Opened Up the You will able to See your Name, Phone, Plan and also an Account Information.


  • Now you will able to see  your account number for the phone number listed on the account which is Next to the  “Account Information For.”



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