How to Edit an AOL Profile – Best And easy Step by Step Guide

AOL has always given to their Users to Edit the AOL Profile Including the Name of Your name, location, age, gender,  privacy and biography. These are the Some of the Main things that you will see on your Profile of an AOL.


Actually, AOL is using Lifestream page which can Easily able o Display the AOL or AOL profile. Which is one of the best thing that you can do it on your Page Including a Photo and Status which means you can Update your Profile picture and Status whenever you want and also you will able to share it on Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Twitter and other social media networks which is one of the best things from the AOL.


After Setup your Profil with your all the details that require over their and later you have to feel that you need to update the Details and wants to edit the page then you can simply do it without getting the confusion by following the below step by step guide.


I have explained complete Guide to my readers that How they can simply edit without getting the complicated time what other people easily do on their Online world.


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Edit and Update an AOL Profile:



AOL profile Edit



  • First, You have to go to the AOL AOL Lifestream website and click on the “Sign In” Buton which is Located on the top right corner of the Website.


  • Now you just need to Fill your Details like User Name and Password in the Given Folder then Click on the “Sign In” Button to Log on into your AOL Profile.


  • Now to edit the page you just have to Click on the “Edit” that is located under “Profile” which is right Side of the Page.


  • Now enter Your Details that you just want to Update in the AOL Profile, the Details that you can update are The name and Location,  or else you can also type a biography in the “About” box. Once you have entered Check the and Update your privacy settings which are located next to the Profile section.


  • Finally, Click on the “Save” which is Located on the bottom centre of the window to save your Profile settings.


  • You are done with your AOL Profile edit. I hope you liked this guide still If you have any Doubts regarding this post do Let me know in the comment section.



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