How to Find an AOL Member | How to Get Forgot My Screen Name for AOL

When you Create AOL Account you need to Choose your Name and it should be Unique and it’s should not be used before. So Now I hope you have an Idea that one person can have One name which is Unique. Also if You see This is the Name that People will See When you chat with them in Online, and this is the Name Your AOL account will able to Registered Permanently.


So Now when it comes to the Find Out the AOL Member, Actually there have Two Ways to Do it and which are very easy to Find the Member of AOL that you are Looking forward to Knowing.


One is the Online Tool and the second one is the AOL Instant Messaging program. These are the Two ways that you Can able to Find the AOL Member by Searching His/Her Name on these Two Tools for till Now. and also You can Even try to Find on the AOL’s member directory to Find out the AOL screen name or find the person that you are Looking for.


Now, Look at the Best two ways to Find out the Person or AOL Name. Just Follow the Guide Below carefully step by step.



AOL Mail




Find an AOL Member in Online:


  • First You have to Open your Browser and Open the website


  • Now you have to Click On the “Chat” tab which is Located on the Top of the Page.


  • Goto the Search bar which is located next to the window and Clicks on the “People Finder” tab.


  • Now Enter the Screen Name or Name that you wants to know the person in the Search Field.


  • Click on the Enter button after entered the Name. Now you will be able to see the results of the Peoples and the Names that you have Entered.



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Find an AOL Member in AIM App:


  • First, You have to Open the AIM Application from the Mobile.
  • Now Should Login with the User Name and Password that You have on the AOL account. After you have successfully Logged in your account you will able to See a Window with Having all the Contacts that will be displayed there.
  • Open the People Menu which is located on the Top of the Menu then simply Choose the Option “Find a Buddy Wizard”.
  • Now its time to Enter the Name like First Name, Last name,  full name, e-mail address, and interests as well. You can try to find Out by Entering any of these. Click “Next ” when you have finished by Entering the Name.


  • Finally, it will highlight the text the Name that you have entered, Just check those List and select that you are looking for and add to your buddy list and then hit “Import.”



Find Aol Mail



What Do I Do if I Forgot My Screen Name for AOL?

America Online is one of the Best and the Friendly having the name of an original company around the Internet and the People Mond and it actually does.
Now If you have an AOL Username in the Past and now you don’t have that name also even you have not remembered it then, the Only Thing that you have to Get the New Username and there are also some other ways to How you can able to access to the AOL accounts. Just Follow the Guide carefully.

Screen Name Retrieval #1:

Once you have Visit the AOL Login Screen you will simply able to See the two Blank Boxes where you will be able to Enter your Username and Password. Just have a Look at the Bellow of those Fileds you will also able to see a Link for retrieving your password. which you can Simply able to Reset your Password but you cannot See an option there For Retrieve Username. and AOL is not Offering the Service for Reset User Name.


Contacting a Friend #2:

This is the Only and The Best Method to Retrieve your FOrgotten Username of AOL Account. If you have a Friend and Family member which you Might have chatting on AOL instant messenger. So He/she could have saved your Username or might have Written it somewhere on the Adress book. So you have a chance to get the Number by contacting without your friend for sure.


Setting Up Another Account #3:

When you don’t have a Chance to Get the User Name from the Friends and Also No Chance to get it from the AOL then the Only chance that you have is that you can Simply setup or create the another AOL account with New User Name. Yes, When there is no access to get your Old User Name then simply you should have to Signup with the New Account.


Final Words:

If you have Just created or Going to create the New Account with AOL then it always The better Idea to create a File that having your Login information or else you can Note down Somewhere that no one is able to see it. and If these Both you do not find very Much Interesting and safe then you can Also find the other ways to save your username and Password.



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