How to Find DirecTV Satellite Location – DirecTv Locations Guide 2019

Actually Before Getting into the “How to Find the Satellite Location for DirecTV”, First let’s Check once that What is A Direct TV and What it does. DirecTV is a  direct broadcast satellite service which broadcasts digital satellite television and audio in the Country United States.


So Whenever you want to install your DirecTV satellite dish you have to Locate the exact location satellite internet so that you will able to Point the Satellite Dish in the Right Direction, You can use the ZIP codes to find out the right Location and there Some Best ways that you will have a chance to do it without getting into the confusion.


DirecTV’s satellites are located on the southern states of Texas. Now when it comes to Finding the satellite Location for the DirecTV then follow the Guide, In short Answer, DirecTV Offering the online dish pointing tool too Finding the Location of the satellites.


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Find the Satellite Location for DirecTV:



where is directv located




Where is DirecTV located:


  • The first Step that you have to do is Visit a DirecTV’s dish pointer website by Opening your browser that you are on our Computer.
  • Now enter the zip code where the satellite dish mounted on the search box on the website. this is the zip code which able to helps you to find the location of the satellite dish location.
  • Check the Orange Button which is after the Entering the Zip code box then the dish pointer website will start displaying the elevation and the azimuth of the DirecTV satellite from your location.
  • The elevation relates to the meaning of the up-and-down positioning of your satellite dish.
  • The azimuth relates to the left-to-right positioning of your satellite dish.
  • The DirecTV satellite mechanism is built for these both elevations and Azimuth.
  • So now your Woks is always depended to set the assembly mechanism correctly on Right specifications so that you will be Able to find the location of the satellite for your DirecTV.



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