How to Find Someone’s Facebook URL and Will They Know if Search Someone’s Profile

As All we know Facebook is one of the biggest Social Network and Now when it comes to the “How to Find Someone’s Facebook URL”  Actually Every User has individual names Particularly the URLs, which Means Whenever you search on the Facebook page then you will see the username won’t be same for everyone.


So to find one specific Page on Facebook you should know the exact URL or Web Address of the Page so that you can easily able to find the Page for sure and also You can try to Finding the name for the business or any other organization as well.


Some of the URLs has a Simple Username and some of them are Just Longer number which they have assigned from the Facebook.  So Wherever you get their Facebook page you have to Note the page URL so it always is the best Choice for you.


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How to Find Someone’s Facebook Username/URL:

  • First, you Just have to Login to your Facebook Account with your User Name and Password.


  • Once you have on the Facebook Home page, you will see Search Bar on the top of the Page.


  • Now Start entering the letter of the Name of the Person that you are looking for.


  • When you start Entering the letter it will just show the person list that who got the Popular on the Top.


  • Press the Enter When the Facebook will shows the Right person page that you are Looking for in the list of Matched Profile Pages. IF you are not Followed or not Friends that page or Profile then it will restrict you from the page but You no need to worry about it.


  • Once you have found the right Profile or page, Its time to Look at the Web address in the address bar for the URL. That format will be like “,” Where the username will replace with the person Name or the page Name.


  • Or It can be also like “,” where “xxxxxx” is replaced with the ID for that particular Person or Page. This what actually is the Facebook URL.


  • Now simply Conform the URL and If you want you Can Go into the Page details Such as Profile Picture, Contact information from the Contact section, You will also find the Facebook URL in this section as well. and also you can find from the web address bar.


If i search someone on facebook will they know:


if i search someone on facebook will they know - how to find your facebook url



No, Actually if anyone is visiting your page you cannot know that and there is no such way. Most of the people ask what can I know if anything sees my Facebook profile, picture, comment then can I track them, but the answer is no.


Because Facebook won’t allow you to track the user’s information because it’s completely private matter.  And most of the time it’s not even required to track someone’s that visited your profile. If anyone clicks then you will automatically know about that on your page and they are really interested in you and they will be genuine people who come directly without any references.


So, in this case, you actually no need to track the visitors of the Facebook page and you can’t do it as well.


Tracking Profile Visits on Facebook:

Even Facebook doesn’t any allow to page owner that he can track the visitors of his page. Which means if you have visited someone page the profile owner won’t get any kind of notification, and get won’t even allows tracking from any third party apps that track how many people visited the profile.


What about your identity:

Whenever you visit someone’s profile you won’t be revealed such as your name and profile photo but when you like or link the post then you will be revealed with your name and profile picture. The owner can easily see your name and profile under “People who like this” likewise if you commented on someone post also can leave your profile over there and they can easily see your details. But it’s not in the case if just you have visited the page without doing anything on that particular page.


Facebook Page Insights:

This is another thing that I need to tell you because any organization and brand can also want to see your information like name and profile unless you have liked or commented on their post. But the page insights can track the information such as of the user’s age, gender, location, and language but not your name and profile and it’s only demographic. So when they will see the demographic they can’t find you because they have millions of the users that only based on age, country, and language so far.



Now I hope you have Learned “How to Find Someone’s Facebook URL and Will They Know if Search Someone’s Profile”.  Still, if you have any doubts regarding this do let me know in the comment section below.


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