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How to Forward Road Runner Emails to Other Email Address

If you want to Forward Emails from Roadrunner Email to other Email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN etc. Then Follow the Complete Guide so that you will find the Solution For this and also you will think that How easy this one in all the way.


Whenever you want to Solution from the Best Sources the You need to Research for the Best Guide that Soots you and who can Tell you the way to do your Work very Easily. Like This RoadRunner (RR) also comes under the same track.


Actually, this is A very easy Procedure that you will know after reading This guide and also Simply Follow the step by step Guide to Know How it actually works.


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Roadrunner Email Forward:

  • First You have to Login to the Roadrunner Mail Account with your Username and Password.


  • Now Just Go to the Settings in the Mail then look for the “Customize mailbox options”.


  • You will see the Forward Option Under the Customize mailbox Options.


  • Click on the Forward Options then you will be in the Mail Forwarder sections.


  • Now you will see a Setup mail forwarding below option, after that and Right beside of that you will see a title “Forwarding Address”  Click on that Option.


  • Then Enter the Email Adress that you wants to use for Forwarding. Now you should Choose and read the Forwarding Rules which you will see on the right Side of the screen.


And the Forwarding Rules Follows Like the Below.


  • Disable forwarding: This simply cancels your Email Forwarding.


  • Forward and keep a copy: This is an Interesting option that It simply Makes a Copy of the Message and also Sends a Forward to the Email Whci you wants to Send.


  • Forward, then discard: This simply Send a Message and also Delete it Automatically after a forward the message.


Now Simply Choose the Option that you want to Use then Click on OK. As Most of the People CHoose the Forward and keep a copy and this will be the Right thing for most of the People but you can simply Go for the Option that you want to choose.



This is the complete guide of “How to forward emails from Road Runner at another email address”  Now I Hope you have Got an Idea about RoadRunner Email. If you really Love this post Do share with Your friends and Family also Stil If you have any Doubts regarding this Post Do Let me know in the comment Section Below.



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