how to get free wifi anywhare

How to Get free Wifi Anywhere on iPhone and Android

Having free wifi when we are going outside is pretty nice to imagine but if we do not have the wifi on our journey we always try to look for free wifi by turn on our wifi icon on our phone either its android or iphone.


lots of us we think who will provide the free wifi on the outside of the city. by thinking like this even we can’t find the free wifi. but some people are completely opposite of this formula. I Mean they always try to search forHow to get free wifi anywhere”


But in terms of free wifi, you will get free wifi anywhere that you go by the knowing some facts about free wifi everywhere.


So let’s look into the matter that where you will get free wifi and why it’s calledfree wifi anywhere”


Some Business Places or Hotels:


There is lots business who are offering the free wifi. just you need to find out. if you go some places like any hotels or restaurants there you can see the board with the free wifi available.


So its completely depends on you to find the free wifi zone in your area that you are.


free wifi anywhere anytime


I have seen this free wifi tag on the Starbucks and McDonalds. They are providing the free wifi. likewise, you can also find the tag on many other places it’s completely free for the customer.


When you go to restaurants or any other buisinr]ess places you have to check the board or any tags with FREE WIFI Available.



 By using the HotSpot:


you usually go outside to have a coffee or any other snack in that time you don’t turn on your mobile hotspot like wifi.


But it stime to turn your wifi on that place because this place the people make their hotspot on and that don’t put even passwords for that.


free wifi anywhere android


So whenever you go outside you have to turn on your wifi and try to look for the hotspot. even you can find the free hotspot even some rural areas.


Because nowadays all the People are using the smartphone and all they have some application on their mobile which turns on there and some smartphones are default inbuilt gossip so in this case, you can find the free wifi anywhere as its possible.



Browsing the Websites:


There are lots of people even don’t know about this method. as per you are reading the heading just you can find the wifi to access or browse some websites.


There are some places who are offering the paid hotspot. in that case, there are also offer some data to access the free wifi by using their free wifi you can browse only some website. if I take an example.


The Delta Airlines is offering the wifi to access the websites like Amazon, Peoples Magazine, And Wall Street Journal.


it will not be going to help on checking your emails and all these stuff but while your journey you can browse the website as I said above. Just read magazines and news on your journey. and it’s a kind of pass your time.



Get Free wifi From your Cable Company:


you might not now this thing for a while but some of the companies always are proving the free wifi for their customers who are using the internet to the cable.



free wifi anywhere



when you get the internet connection from the company by the cable then you have to ask them for free wifi are they providing or not. if they proving then you can easily access the free wifi anywhere that you are staying.



if you already installed the cable connection then and you don’t know about this then also you can go to their website and look for the service that they offer. if they offer just you need ti contact them and make an access to free wifi.



By Tethering your SmartPhone:


If you have more than one smartphone then you can obviously use your smartphone option called tether. you go to your mobile setting and you will find the option over there.


Just click on that option and you connect to another smartphone by using this option on your smartphone.


Or Else you can connect the free wifi by therein on your computer. there are lots of application to connect the connect from the PC to a smartphone.


You can try even use the therein by your USB fro your computer to the smartphone and enjoy the free wifi.


These are some effective ways to find “free wifi anywhere“. why I said anywhere means as you observing the above ways it’s almost everywhere in that sense we used anywhere. If you have any doubts regarding this post do let me know by the comment section below.


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