how to get rid of facebook ads

How to Get rid of Facebook Ads – Best Solution of 2019

As all, we know that the Facebook is a Biggest Social Network. When we talk about How to get rid of facebook ads There are No tools for getting rid of Facebook ads and the Major Revenue for Facebook is from ads, That’s the reason There is no immediate possibility to remove ads.


But If you follow the Below steps You will get the Solution for How to get rid of Facebook ads and you will be going to get only the content rather getting the ads on Facebook. there are the people who actually ask this question for a long time and also u have given the answer as well.


So for the final, I will be going to tell you for all and let them know how actually that can get rid of these Facebook ads soon.


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How to Get rid of Facebook Ads?

1. Log in to your Facebook Account and click on Settings which is at the top right corner.

2. Select on Adverts on left corner shown as below image.


how to get rid of acebook ads


3.  then Go Adverts with social Actions and just select  “NO ONE”



facebook ads block


Or Else you can get rid of facebook ads using ad blockers.



when it comes to ad blockers, those ad blockers are the tools which we can add to Browsers Extension. Using with this Extension you can block those ads on Facebook either it is popup ads or slide ads that you can block those ads and you can get rid of Facebook ads easily.



How to get rid of facebook ads


How to get rid of  Facebook ads using ad blockers.


  • If you are using Google Chrome Browser, there are lots of Plugins are available or you can use the below plugin to block those ads.


  • If you are Using Google Chrome Browser then Use this Adblocker.
  • If you are using Mozilla Firefox  than You can easily add this plugin



Those are some best solution to Hiding ads on Facebook and there is no short tool on Facebook to get rid of ads. Now you might have to Get an Idea about How to Get rid of Facebook Ads” and this is an easy method to BLock those ads on Facebook. Now you actually no need to search for any other short tool because Officially there is no any kind of these Tools to get rid of facebook ads.


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