how to hide apps on iphone

How to Hide apps on iPhone – The Best way that you can do to Hide Apps on iPhone 6, 7, 8

How to Hide apps on iPhone: If you want to hide your iPhone apps then this is the Guide for you only.  Now when it comes to the hide Apps on iPhone you will find there are different ways to do it. All these best ways to hide iPhones apps that I will give you below with complete detailed Explanation.


Once you have followed all these Steps then you will be found and don’t with your work and you will easily able to learn Hide iPhone apps at any time that you want from your iPhone.


So first I will be going to tell you the Step by Step Guide that can have the more and more interest and easy Understanding.


How to Hide Apps on iPhone 6, 7, 8, 8 Plus and X.


 how to hide apps on iphone



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First Reorganize the Apps:

  • First, you have to Press and Hold an icon on your Home screen until they will start to Jiggle all al the apps including the apps that you want to hide.


  • Now Press and Hold the App Icon that you want to hide to the next screen towards your right side of the screen. Place this icon to the Next screen which you will not able to see whenever you open your iPhone and start using the other Apps.



  • Once you have finished placing these App icons on one of the screens then it’s time to Place all the other apps that you want to hide.


  • Now create a Folder by naming it like “Miscellaneous.” Then Drag all the Apps into this Folder and Keep this Folder on the same screen where you have moved these Apps. You can simply Place up to the 12 Apps on this Folder.


  • Finally Press the Home button to stop jiggling the Apps and click on the save which you will be able to Save all these Apps on the page that you have moved, Now you will not able to see all these apps every time that you will Open the Apps unless you will Go to that particular page where you have dropped all these App Folder.


Use Restrictions on your iPhone:

  • There are some apps which comes with when you purchase a Phone and also you cannot Delete Those Apps which you will want to not Required the Apps that you had on your iPhone device.


  • So the solution is that you need to Enable the “Restrictions” by Going to your iPhone “Settings > General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions. Now winter you 4 Digit Passcode then again you just have to re-enter when it prompted.


  • Finally, You just have to turn off the Toggle “Off” of these lists of Native apps Like Safari, YouTube, Camera, iTunes and FaceTime that you actually want to hide it from your iPhone home screen.


  • Now come back to your iPhone Home screen you will able to see there is no longer native apps appear on the screen.


Delete Apps from iPhones:


  • First, you have to Lunch the iTunes on your Computer then simply Connect your iPhone to it, and then just click on the Iphone’s Button which is located on the Upper right of the screen.


  • Now click on the Apps tab then you will able to sync Apps which you have on your Phone.


  • Click on “Sync” Which is on the Below Right Side corner which can back up your iPhone apps.


  • Check all the apps and select the apps that you wants to Hide and Click on the Delete to Delete the apps that you don’t want to see on your IiPhonesScreen And if you want to reset then you have to use this iTunes check mark on the App from the “Apps” tabs which you want to get back the Click on the Apply then Sync they will be reinstalled on your Phone back.



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