how to unhide a post on facebook

How to Hide or Unhide a Post on Facebook – Easy Step by Step Guide

Wants to Hide or Unhide a Post on your Facebook Timeline or else On a page that you manage. Now you can easily Hine and Unhide those Post on the Bith Places which is one of the easiest ways to Do it when you follow the right Guide.


The Best part of these is you can simply Hide and Unhide the post whenever you want to do that because it has the Option to do it which is completely on your hand to mane the posts.


Hide this posting and How to unhide a post on facebook now its so simple bu Going and doing it on your account’s Activity Log screen. If you don’t Understand then follow the below step by step Guide which will give you a better Understanding over Hiding and Unhide posts from facebook.


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Hide a Post From Your Timeline:



hide this posting


Facebook hide from timeline: 


  • First, you have Login to your Facebook Account with your Username and Password.


  • Once you are on the facebook Just Click On your Profile pictures which are located on the top Mane bar of the Facebook to Open your Facebook timeline dashboard.


  • Now scroll down all the way down and find the Post that you want to Hide from your timeline.


  • When you have fixed a Post to Hide from your timeline then Just click on the Arrow Button which is Top right of that Post to Open an Action Menu List.


  • In the List of Menu you will able to see Hide From Timeline which is the Last Option from the List the list, Just click on that option to Hide post from The Timeline.


  • And Finally, Click on the Hide Button from the Pop-up Menu. Now you have successfully Completed the Hiding the Post From Facebook Timeline.



Hide a Post From a Page You Manage:


  • First, you have to Open Your computer and Login into your Facebook using your valid Username and Password.


  • Now You have successfully Logged into the Account, Click on the Facebook icon which is located Top left of the screen then you will see the list of pages in the below area of the icon.


  • Select the pages that you wats start editing including a Hidepost from A page that you manage so far.
  • Once you are on the page that you manage than simply Locate the page that you want to Hide and click on the Arrow icon which is located on the Top Right of that Post.


  • Now you will able to see all the List of the menu’s including the Hide From TImeline also you will see Delete from Page.


  • Simply Select on the Hide from Timeline to Hide the post from your Page also if you want to delete the post then Click on the Delete from a page. so you will be able to delete the page completely from your Page.


  • Finally, Click on Hide to Conform that hide a Post from your page.


Unhide Posts on Facebook:

  • First Login to your facebook then Click on the Arrow icon which is on the Top Of the Menu bar of any Facebook page.


  • Now simply you just have to Select the Posts You’ve Hidden which is located Left of your facebook page which is very easy to find out.


  • Now you will be able to see what are the Activities you have done on your Facebook page including the Posts that you have Hidden and the Post that you have liked and all.


  • Find out the Post that you want to UnHide and Click on the Button which is Locate don the top of the Post.


  • Now you will able to see some options over there with Allowed On Timeline to Stat Unhide the Post.



Now you have successful compted the Guide “How to Hide or Unhide a Post on Facebook” I hope now you have Liked the Guide and if yes then Do like share this post and if you have any Doubts regarding this post then D let me know in the comment section below.


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