How to Import AOL Contacts to an iPhone and Export from an iPhone

How to Import AOL Contacts to an iPhone:

Import AOL Contacts to an iPhone:


  • First, you have to go to the Settings on iPhone by Tapping on the Settings App from the Home screen.


  • Simply Scroll down and click on the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” to Open the Screen of a Mail, Contacts, Calendars. You will able to see all the List of Mail from the different types of email Service provider on this present screen that you are currently using so far.


  • From this settings app, you will see  “Add account” tap on this now you will see the number of different email service e providers in the list. Yours are importing from the AOL means your Email service Provider is AOL, So Look for AOL, If AOL is not there in the List and Most of the times it won’t be on this default mail providers.


  • Click on Other, Now you will see AOL on the List of Email providers, Just Click on the AOL and also you have to select the only option which shows you only imports mail and notes there, and as I said you will find all these on the Other to make success your Importing the contacts to iPhone from AOL. Click on the Other and tap Next.


  • Click on the “Add CardDAV Account” which is under a list of account types on the next screen of Adding AOL Details and you will Find Add CardDAV Account is under the Contacts heading on your iPhone Settings App.


  • Now its time to Enter the details of an AOL Details like server and account settings in the Fileds which are provided to enter. First, you need to Enter on the server field with “” and enter the AOL Ful Email address and the User Name of your AOL account, Full AOL address means you have to includes the “” on your mail address. Enter your AOL Valid Password in the Password field. Also, enter your Identify Details on the description filed which is very known. the simply Call it “AOL Contact” that too when you feel creative enough to think at least.


  • Now click on the Next button to save the setting that you have been set up and also start importing the contact from AOL to your iPhone that we are discussing on this Topic, also the best thing after you have successfully set up all these setting, you can send and receive emails from AOL mail server from your iPhone itself with the information that you have added like AOL username and Password, which is pretty simple and awesome right.


  • Finally, Click on the “Keep on My iPhone” when you have asked by the choose what you want to do with existing contacts on your iPhone then simply click on the “Save” button after you have done Everything.


AOL contacts import


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Best Ways to Importing the Contact on my iPhone:

Now let’s see what are the best ways that you Simply able to Import the contact on your iPhone without having any Problem. When you purchase a new iPhone they most of the People worry about their contacts and some of them have not much idea that how to get all those my contacts into the new iPhone without having any problem and also there are the best ways which you can simply backup those contact by following the Simple guide below.



This is the feature which you can able to backup your contacts and also this is one of the easiest and the best Procedure to import your contacts into the iPhone. First, you have to connect to iTunes and then Later you have right click on the iPhone icon then you will able to get all the information including the backup files of contacts and all. I will suggest you use this Option in not only Importing the contacts it is also used for many other times like when you Reset your iPhone, and when you upgrading to the New Phone.


SIM transfer:

This is also one of the easy ways to get into the New Phone and also Importing the contacts to iPhone. If you have a Mobile Like AT&T, T- Mobile and other US GSM provider they all use the SIM card to store the contacts. Now, whenever you are decided to switch to the another AT&T or iPhone then You actually no need to Do many things to import the contact into the New phone. So If you want to Get all the contacts into the SIM card then First thing you have to Move or copy all the contacts from Old Phone to SIM card then When all the contacts you have to get into the SIM, later you can use this SIM card into the New Phone, All the contacts will be Moved into the New Phone without doing much technical thing right.  Now if you want to Import the Contacts into the iPhone then You can find all this import all SIM contacts is under “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” menu. This will create all the Contact information which has the contacts including the SIM Contacts.


iTunes sync:


iTunes Sync is also the Best way to imports contacts without having any Problem at all. If you are Accessing the iPhone using the iTunes you will find an Option on tunes Called sync your contacts to your system address book, this will simply create the backup your contacts and you will be able to access the contacts in your both the devices including you can also edit the contacts on the Both Devices for sure. You will able to find the same version and the Interface on the windows and Mac you don’t actually get Confused so when a New person who does not know much about it is also can easily manage about the importing the contacts and all other files as well.


Phone-to-phone transfer:

This is one of the Lase methods in this guide, As all, we know when we see my contact number on our Mobile we will see one is email and text message that we can send it to other Phone, So while you sending email or text you can also send the Contacts within the messages and emails. You can simply send single contacts and the multiple Contacts a the same time which you will feel more conveniences.


There are also many other Apps which can simply help send and receives the Contacts from one phone to another. If you want to start transferring the Contacts without using the above methods then simply follow it by using the Apps.



How to Copy Contacts From an iPhone to a SIM Card:

When it comes t the Copy contacts from iPhone to SIM is just as simple as that as you can find in the below Guide. Backuping the contact on a Phone is always the best idea for all the Time because we never know when our mobile will fails, which means the data will be lost including the Contacts. So I always recommend you t take a Backup for your Data and the contacts as well for sure.

On your Its little difficult to transfer the contacts when it compare with the other phones so whenever you want the contacts from the iPhone then the most and the best Way id the copy and paste all the contacts form the Mobile to SIM. also it will be the most effect and the best way to Do it without any Problem for sure.


Copy Contacts From an iPhone to a SIM Card:

  • The very First thing that you have to do is that Lunch the Cydia and search for the SIM manager. Once you have found the SIM Manager App. then simply Close the Cydia app.


  • Open the SIM Manager app and Just Click on the Setup that is located on the Top Left corner of the screen and you will able to see a Menu that is having some sort of Settings.


  • Now you just turn on the Fast Read by simply tapping on it to the right side and Select the SIM name formats which like your contacts are to be transferred as for that way you want on the name.


  • Click on the done after finished and go to the Back to the main Screen of the SIM Manages app.


  • Press “Read from SIM,” which is located on the Bottom left corner of the screen and now this app will start it works that transferring the contacts to the SIM card.


  • Finally, Click on the settings once you have finished the Proceeding of the App and then simply Click on the Copy iPhone to SIM.” which is we want. Once you have selected this then Everything will start and also going to Be finished after some time.


Export contacts from iPhone to AOL



How Can I Export My Contacts From My iPhone:

You can not Only export contacts from the iPhone there are also many other Options that you can simply Exports and sync including the calendars, notes, bookmarks, photos and other applications to your computer. This just works awesome in terms of the Saving the time and the Effort. You can also rake backups of your Applications which are one of the best things to restore later.


Once you have exported you’re My Contact List from your iPhone then there are the best options that you can do is editing the Exported contact list that you have Recently Done. You can also take backups of the Email providers like AOL,  Outlook, Yahoo!, Google Address Book and some many other which you frequently use and the best way that you feel so far.


Exporting Contacts to Microsoft Outlook:

Now let’s take a Look for the Exporting the Contacts to Microsoft Outlook, O do that First you have to Connect your iPhone to your Computer using the USB Cable and place your iPhone in the iPhone in the Apple Universal Dock. Once you have successfully Connect then Itunes  iPhone’s default management program will automatically Open up, Now go to the Devices then Click on the iPhone, then click on the Info tab the simply select “Sync Contacts With” then Choose “Outlook.” Choose “All Contacts” to export contacts which you have from your iPhone to Outlook. But if you want to choose only some specific contacts then you just have to choose some specific groups from the List of groups that you have and Select the contacts that you have then select then one by one to export then Manually.


Exporting Contacts to Gmail:

This is one of the Best and the easy way to take back up to the Gmail form the iPhone without having any problem. TO do this you have to use iTunes then click on the “Info,” “Sync Contacts With,” “Google Contacts.” After you click “Configure,” then Simply you just have to give your Google username and Password then simply you will able to Exported all the Contacts to Gmail.


Exporting Contacts to AOL:

Export the contacts from your iPhones to AOL just follow the Guide Like you just need to Go to the Itunes then Simply You have to Click n the “Info,” “Sync Contacts With,” Here you have to Choose “AOL”  then it requires to enter your AOL username and Password which is pretty much Simple right.

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