How to Save a GIF

How to Save a GIF to Computer | GIF Download 2019

How to Save a GIF: As most of the People know animated Gifs are the files which have made up of the Different types of images that you will see in the one Gif that adjusted in a single file. You will definitely see the Gifs while browsing an internet or usually see the Gifs many Once these days, and people once see then they thought why doubts that actually do these Gifs on their Own.


Most of the People They even if Don’t know How to save a gif from the Computer. Also, there are the People who keep searching for How to make an animation, Download gif from twitter, How to make a gif in photoshop, How to save gif iPhone.



You will see the above questions now you are also one of the people Who a part of those to know the Solution. Then Keep Follow the Guide below of gif images and flashing gif


So you will Learn in this specific Guide about How to Save Animated GIF to Computer where you will learn to save Animated pictures, Flashing gif or moving Gifs and Open in a Proper way.


how to make a gif


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How to Save a GIF to the Computer?

How do you save a gif:

Step 1:

First, you have to Place your Cursor on the Photo Gif that you like to Download on your PC.

Step 2:

Now Simply Right Click on the Gif and a Menu will Opens.

Step 3:

From that Menu options, you will able to see Several Options.

Step 4:

Click on the “Save Image As”  from the Menu, you will see another window Opens beside this Window.

Step 5:

Now simply Click on the “Save as type” now you will going to save a Gifs from the Menu option that “GIF Image” Inside the Bar.

Step 6:

Finally, Click on the “Save” Now Gif is saved on your Computer.


How to Open an anime gif:

Step 1:

Simply Open a Program on your PC which actually Supports with Gifs or else you can also open A browser that you are Comfortable with.

Step 2:

Now You need to Click on the File which actually locates on the Top left of the Scree of Gif software or Browser itself.

Step 3:

Now simply select the Option Open a File from that Window it Opens.

Step 4:

This time to Locate the photo gif file from your PC where you have Saved it on.

Step 5:

Finally Click on the Click on the Open now these animated pictures or Gifs will Opens on the Programs or Browser so easily.



This is the completed Guide about ” How to save a gif “. We hope you have completed done with by this guide that gif download. Still, If you have Any doubts regarding this Post Simply Do let me know in the Comment section Below.



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