How to Save Videos from Twitter for iPhone (Camera Roll) & PC 2019

How to Save Videos from Twitter: As Most of the People Know Twitter is one of the Popular and Biggest Social Media Platform to share their Thought and with Text, Images and including the messages as well. Now when it comes to the Videos, If you Like the videos on the Twitter then what you will do you will share with your Friends but when you want to download that Particular Video on your Mobile and PC directly then what you will do. Most important thing is Twitter doesn’t allow users to download video content.


Now In this Post, I will be going to tell you the best Two Methods that you Can Save a Videos from the Twitter to iPhone and you also don’t require to Jailbreak your Mobile. Just you have to save all the videos directly from the Camera Roll. And another Way is downloading the Videos to Computer when you feel that there is no space to download the videos on the iPhone. So I feel this is the Best guide for the People who keep asking How to download twitter videos and How to Save Videos from Twitter.


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Method #1: How to save Twitter videos on iPhone:



twitter video downloader app




The first thing you have to know before getting into the Save Twitter Videos on iPhone is that you need to install a Documents app on your iPhone. This App actually behaves like a Bridge for every iPhone and iPad between the Local Files and Cloud Files also having the Features inbuilt Browser.


Now when it comes to the Difference between the Built-in Browser and other Browsers like Safari, Chrome is that it allows saving the files directly from the URL itself. Which means Whenever you take a Videos URL and paste into a Built-In Browser and Load it Now it shoes the Two option Save and plays, Some time its automatically start Downloading the Files.


But Like the Safari and Chrome browser, they Just Play the Video on their Interface so this is what the Differences between these two types of Browsers and If you do not understand then follow the Full detailed Guide Below with Step by step Guide.


Twitter video downloader:

  • First, you have to download the App From the iTunes for Free. And also it becomes twitter video downloader app as well.
  • Now Open your Twitter App and Find a Tweet that has a Video File that you want to download on your iPhone.
  • Now Click on the Drop Down Menu on the Top Right then Simply Click on the “Share Tweet via”.
  • Now there are more Options including the “Copy Link to Tweet” and Select it. Now the lick of the Video has been copied.
  • Now it’s Time to open the Documents app and Lunch the Inbuilt Browser and Click on a Small icon that is located on the Right Bottom corner of the Browser then go to the
  • Simply Paste the URL that you have copied from the twitter to Download the Video and Hit the Enter Button and you have to wait for Download links that create By the Documents app.
  • Once it finished then Click on the download button to Download twitter videos iPhone.
  • You can also change the Video File Name and Folder Destination where your Video should be saved. And click on Download that it now you will download the file and once it finished you will be notified.
  • You are successfully done twitter Video on your iPhone, You Can Simply Go to your iPhone camera roll and enjoy that Video.



twitter video downloader





Method #2: How to Download Twitter Videos Using your Computer:


This is the Second and also an easy Method to get the Twitter Video on your Computer just within the few clicks without any Problems for Sure.


  • First, you have to Open your Computer Browser and go to the twitter account and find a video tweet that you want to download on your PC.
  • Now simply click on the Three Dots and Select Copy link to Tweet. Or Press Cntrl+C to take the URL in the Pop UP on your screen.
  • Now Go to the Website and paste the URL that you have copied and Hit Download Button.
  • Now just you need to wait for the Download Links that have been created by the Website. Once it finished then Simply Click on the Download or else clicks and “Save Link As” to download.
  • Now you have successfully downloaded the Video and you can now simply Sync on your iPhone you can use iTunes or any other Tool to Transfer the files.


If you are the Person Why has an Android Mobile Platform then you can also follow the same Thing that we have done for Computer. It also Awesome for that matter.


You can not Only Download Videos from the Twitter. There are also the Video Platforms such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo or Facebook; you can also easily download the videos from these platforms As well too. So For all these the best Method and the Easiest Methods is that you can simply Use the one of the best Google chrome browser Extension Free Video Downloader HD. which is one of the best Extension.


Once you have finished the Installation of this Plug-in, You have to configure some Settings which are available over there. Once you have Clicked on the set now you will allow seeing a New Windows that has comes with settings, From there you can easily able to Turn on the Twitter Only and another option also available to Download the video from  YouTube, Video etc.


If you have turned on the Twitter and Whenever you open Twitter and browsing over the Account, once if you have found any Tweet that contains Vimeo then this Plugin Icon will Inform you to Download the video or Not. If you want the Videos to watch it Offline the simply you can Download it on your mobile and Enjoy watching it whenever you want to watch.


But if you are the Regular user of the browser is Firefox then you can also have an add-on named Video DownloadHelper. This has the best and simple options to download the videos from the Different types of Platforms including the Twitter, YouTube Etc.



This is the completed Guide about “How to Save Videos from Twitter”. I hope you have completely Understand the Guide of Twitter video downloader Still if you have any Doubts regarding this Post Do let me know in the Comment section and f you really Loved this Post then Simply Share with your friends and Family members.




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