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How to Search History File on AOL Browser Desktop

AOL Search History: AOL Desktop will be more Helpfull on the checking Emails and instant messages which is one f the easy way to do it on the AOL.  AOL Software Inbuilt Browser is So simply which anyone can easily Understand and also able to browse the Internet without getting into the Trouble So far because you will not be going to See many useless Features on the AOL browser which is one of the Best Part of it, Because when a New Person wants to browse for some knowledge if there many Additional Feature within the browser which some are user and many of are not.



So in these cases They actually require a Browse which is having a Simple and Best performance like AO browse, it has simply superb performance which all the users are because of because of the best and dynamic design.


There is a Bookmark option Within the Browser Itself which is Pretty much Helpful for Making your Favourite Websites into the Shortcut, so that whenever you wants to open that Particular website you no need to go to the Search Engine and search for the website or else You Don’t need to Enter the Website on the Adress bar, Just Click on the Single Button which will Help you to Get into the Website within the second, and Moreover if you forget the name of the Website also Does not Matter a lot.


Also, When You have Found a Beautiful Content some websites but unfortunately you have closed that website then what you will do You just open your browse Right. like Whenever you want to Visited the website already you have visited the best way to do it by simply going into the history and Open from there.


If you are using A AOL browser then I will be going to tell you How you have to check the history on the AOL browser history.


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aol search histrory




AOL Search History:

  • First You have to Open your AOL Desktop.
  • Now Click on the Login button and Enter you Valid User and Password.
  • Still, If you have not Able to See your Browse then Simply opened it by Clicking on the Web button which is located on the Top Menu.
  • Click on the view button from the File Menu and Choose History. That’s all Now you will able to see your browsing History on the Left side of the Window.


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