how to sell on craigslist

How to Sell On Craigslist like Clothing Using the Below Method 2020

How to Sell On Craigslist:  Selling on Craigslist very Very Much easily when you have knowledge over the Selling Cloths,  Craigslist is one of the Biggest and Popular Websites which can Allows users to List throe item very easy way that can be the most useful to the sellers.


When a Seller wants to sell The clothe through the craigslist he/she Just have to Register with the website and then Yu can simply able to upload the item that too in a very easy Way that will help to the seller in all the way that they want to be.


if you have not get it Properly Just Follow the below guide which I Have explained How you can easily sell Clothing On Craigslist. There some Step that you have to Follow and create befo0re you started selling your Cloths Follow the step by step Guide below so that you can easily able to understand how it actually works and how you personally start selling clothing on Craigslist.


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How to Sell On Craigslist (Clothing):


how to sell on craigslist



1. Create a User Profile on Craigslists:

This is the first thing you have to Do Before proceeding to the further procedure for sure, You need to create a User Profile on craigslist, Lets Check How to create it First.


  • First, you have to go to the Craiglist Website that has been the using by the Mst if the People. If you already have an Account then Login to the account or else you have to create anew Free account.


  • Now you have to click on the “My Account” once you have logged in or else created your new Craigslist Account.


  • To start to create a New account if you don’t have then Click on the Click Here to Sign Up” otherwise you can login into your account by your username and Password which you have been using.


  • Enter your email address into the Provided box over there or you have seen there.


  • Once you have done Everything Click on the Click “Create Account.”


  • Now its time to check the mail om the email that has been sent from the Craigslist, And the email is that you have Entered on the mailbox.


  • Now Open the email and click on the Link to create the password to create your own Password and think a link will take you to create the password.



2. List out Your Clothing Items on Craigslist:

Once you have finished Registering or Sign up with the Craigslist its time to List out Your Clothing Items, which you will be going to learn Below now.


  • First You have to Goto the Craigslist Homepage and Click on the “Post to Classifieds. which is very easy to do it.
  • Now just you need to choose the Link  “For Sale/Wanted” link. to start your Listing.
  • While Going to the Next Step you have to choose the “Clothing & Accessories” for Now.
  • Select the area that you are living which means your Local area.
  • Now simply Click on the Pist Add after you have given the Title and Attractive Images on the Add. Once you have clicked on the Post, it will be Posted automatically in a short time.


3. Sell Your Clothing Now:

Finally, check the buyers and arrange all the Delivery Procedure and payments mods to Dispatch the Product yo the Buyer.


  • If you want you can also Nagocitae with the Buyer who genuinely wants to buy the Product.


  • Now you have to set the Particular pickup and Drop timing and the place which is the most Requirement for you to get on, then also if the buyer is out of station then you need to arrange all the buyer details for sure.


  • Finally, When it comes to the Payment, it is also very much important that you should not accept the payments like ashier’s checks or personal checks because that have more chance to Fails then your bank will take and ask questions for your accounts for fine or something chargeable. So it’s always Important to have and accept the Payment only cash or money orders as payment, always the Better Choice from the Buyers.




This is the final word for this Post “How to Sell On Craigslist” I hope Noe you have Learned and got an Idean about Selling Cloths on Craiglist, but still if you have ay doubts and also wants to know about Craigslist then do let me know in the comment section Below.



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