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How to Send SMS Messages From Hotmail – Best Way to Send SMS from Hotmail

As all, we know and most of the People Know Hotmail is used for sending Emails. But you know the other benefits, now you can also Also use Hotmail to Send SMS/Text Messages to your Friends and Family members also any Mobile number that you actually send s a Regular SMS to the People.


This is one of the Most Useful Thing When it comes to When you don’t have an Access to Send SMS from your Mobile, You can Simply Use Hotmail to Send Text by having the Recipient’s number and the cell phone carrier domain, By Having these you Can send Unlimited Email to Text which is Very much Interesting thing for sure.



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Send SMS Messages From Hotmail:


 how to send an sms message



  • First, you have to Open your Browser and Goto the Hotmail then Simply Login to your Account using the Username and Password.


  • Now Just Click on the “New” to start to Create the New Mail to send.


  • Just Enter 10 Digit Mobile Number of the person That you want to Send a Messages. Add @ and  Cellphone Number Carrier Domain. For example, If you take a Person having the  AT&T mobile and you want to send a message from Hotmail then you have to Add the Extention “” after a mobile number.


  • Now You have to Write something that you want to send a MesageonSubjest then Write the message on the compost part of the mail. Rember that you Can Only send a Message up to 160 characters If the characters have more then that then your Message will be Cut in multiple messages and the recipient will receive a message in multiple which is not Looks good also and sometimes it won’t receive as well.


  • Once you have finished Entering the message Click on Send to send Messages from HotMail.



Now I Hope you Liked this Guide and Learnt “How to Send SMS Messages From Hotmail” Still if you have any Doubts Regarding this Post then Do let me know in the Comment section below. if you want to share this knowledge then Share with your friend and family. You can also Know more Guides About Hotmail on this Website.



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