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How to Set Up AOL Wireless Internet and Join AOL Chat Rooms

From the day that you have purchased AOL Wireless connection, you are ready to start using the AOL Internet. Actually now when it comes to the AOL Wireless Setup it is a very easy thing that you can set it Up when you have all the parts of the AOL to set up.


Most of the People think it’s not easy to set up a wireless connection like AOL, but when you filled the right Guide and the right method that you follow then everything will be easier.


So as a newbie or New to AOL Wireless then you will simply do connect without any problem by reading this Guide because I have explained very easy Guide to understand yo everyone with simple steps.


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Set Up AOL Wireless Internet:


  • The First and foremost thing that you can do it is that you have to connect your modem to your internet connection when AOL is done for you.
  • Now simply hook the wireless router with the modem by a CAT5 cable.
  • Once you have done with all the cables connections than simply Turn On all your Modem, Router and Computer.
  • Now simply place your AOL installation disk into your computer the Just Run it.
  • Follow the on-screen Installation prompt to connect to the internet connection.
  • This program will start with internet connection guide and end up with you are connected the internet.


How to Join AOL Chat Rooms:

Since Nineties AOL has AOL Desktop software which can allow the AOL Users to make a conversation using their Own Char Rooms. You can Crete a New Chatrooms or else you can also Browse an Existing Chatrooms using the Chat Room Listings keyword.


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Join a Chat Room:

  • First You have to Open the Keyword window by pressing Ctrl+K.
  • Now you will be able to see Chat Room Listings, Then you have to Enter Chat Room Listings in the text Field which you will see on the Top of the screen and Click Go.
  • Now Double click on the Category to Select one from the List.
  • Simply select the chat room you want to and Enter and click on the  Go Chat to start to Open it.


Create Your Own Chat Room:

  • Now Click on the Member Chat link.
  • Now you will able to see the categories, Select one from the List to start chatting the categories you want to Know and discuss.
  • Enter the Chatroom Name to create the Group Name in the Text Field you will see there.
  • Finally, Click on the  Go Chat button to simply save and Start to Join your New Chat Room from here.


How to Look Up Your AIM Chat History:


If we Chat online there will be lot Interesting Chat will be Going On, Sometimes it can be on the Birthday, Marriage Days and Sometimes it can Be also on other Occasions, The reason behind these Days Chatting is that will be more interesting on all other Days. So We always think that WHy should I Saves these beautiful Chat in my Life to Keep Remeber these sweet Memories in Futur that you will think that What are the Best ways to save.


aol chat rooms



Now in out Topic, while we are discussing AIM Chat so I will be going to Tell you about this. You will have  AOL Instant Messenger or AIM to save your Chat on an Archive when you are a user of AOL.


Whenever you close the chat it will be saved in your documents folder and you can easily access those from any time that you want from the AIM software. Also, you have to Remeber that this feature available in the Only AIM.


  • First, You have to Click on the “Options” which is located on the Top of the AOL Instant Messenger then Simply Click on the “Settings” from the Drop Down list over there.
  • Now you will see “IM Archives” which is on the Left side of the settings Dialogue Box Screen, Click on that.
  • Simply its time to Click on the “View Archives,” to Open the instant message log window on the front of you on your Screen.
  • And Finally Double Click on the AIM username to view the chat history of the Person that you wants to Know.



I Hope Now you have Learned “How to Set Up AOL Wireless Internet and Join AOL Chat Rooms” and Still if you have any doubts regarding this Simply Do let me know in the Comment section Below and Want to know more about AOL Guides Look the below Guides as well and If you Like this Guide Do share with your friends and Known People.



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