How to Switch a Verizon Contract Phone to a Prepaid Phone

There are Lots of Mobile Companies are Offering the Contract and Prepaid Services also you will See a Traditional service as well. So Most of the People just they want to Change a Verizon Contract Phone to Prepaid Phone.


So in this Guide, you will learn this and also you can Find there are the Ways to Do it in a Simple and easy Procedure, and If you think The Reason behind Changing Verizon contract to prepaid is that People should not get into the financial commitment.


Even If you have a Wireless Connection and you want it to a switch to prepaid service then also you can easily do it, as many People think you cannot do it for Wireless Connection but that is always wrong, you can Do it for the Wireless connection.


Recently I have Converted my Verizon Contract Phone to a Prepaid Phone So that I Have an Idea that how Could I did and I will be going to tell you the exact way and Some other best working Method that you can do very much easy.


And Finally, You have to Rember that you may have to pay the termination fee if you contract is not yet cleared so far. But already you have Cleared all the Fees then Simply Go for the Prepaid Very Easily.



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Steps to Follow for Change a Verizon Contract Phone to a Prepaid Phone:


Step 1: 

First, you have to Call l Verizon’s customer service at 1-888-294-6804 Number Just Enquire for the Account Closing and talk about your Pending amount if you feel there are any but if you have Paid recent and the Latest bill then you no need to pay again. but If nit then asks the representative for the fees that you have to pay and make arrangements of the amount.


Step 2:

Now you have to Active your Verizon Wireless phone for prepaid service. Simply Go to the Verizon Website and You need to Enter Your ZIP Code on the ZIP Code Filed then You have to Click Enter to Continue. Also Select your AreaCode then also You have to Enter your Phone Serial Number which is Located Under your battery.  Then Click on Continue After that you have to Wait until the Wireless Number to Appear.


Step 3:

Once your Phone has been Activated then its Time to Sign up for a prepaid plan by Going into MyVerizon website then, again Click on Sign in after you have successfully Signup. Once you have on the “MyVerizon” You have to go to “My Plans” button which you will see under MyVerizon. then Simply Choose your Plan as per Your Requirement.


That’s It. Now you are Done with the “Change a Verizon Contract Phone to a Prepaid Phone”. I Hope you have liked this Post if yes then Share with your friends. For any Doubts Do comment in the below.



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