How to Track a Mobile Phone Using Its IMEI Number

There are most of the people who always wanted to know about How to Track a Mobile Phone Using Its IMEI Number. But also there are the people in huge who actually don’t know even what is IMEI of a mobile phone. Also, people want to know How to Find Someone’s Location using their Cell Phone Number.


There is one incident in my life that I and my friends are going for some picnic and he just lot his phone unconsciously. late we went for a person who knows most of about technology and he also knows how to track the phones, because he used to do that.


I suddenly strike his name and we both went there and we have explained what has happened and how we lost our mobile than he simply replied what is the IMEI of your mobile then we simply replayed Whts is that? this is what happened.


So to Track a Mobile Phone Using Its IMEI Number you must know your IMEI number for sure. So let’s start Out guide by explaining the What is an IMEI?


What is an IMEI?

The IMEI or International Mobile Station Equipment Identity is nothing but the 15-digit number which is all separated for each and every phone number. So you will be Going to track every phone by it own IEMI number.


Now your work is that you just b=need to find your IMEI number which you will be going to find on your Mobile. Just write Down your Mobile number on a paper and keep it safe for the future requirements.


How to Find Your IMEI Number:

There are the many ways to Find IMEI number of your mobile Just look at the below for Some Ways.

Method 1: (For Features Phones)

First, you have to Dail Dial *#06# on your mobile it will automatically show the Number you no need to Dial the Call button. Once it shows the number on the screen then simply note it down.


Method 2: (For iPhones):

  • Goto Settings > General > About > Scroll down to IMEI.
  • Now it will show the IMEI Number Just write Down on a Paper and keep in a Safe Place.


Method 3: (Android Phones):

  • Just Turn Off your Mobile.
  • Remove the battery cover and Battery of mobile.
  • Now you will see a Lable which contains the IMEI number.
  • Write down the number and keep it in a safe place.



How to Find Someone’s Location using their Cell Phone Number



Track a Mobile Phone Using Its IMEI Number:

When you having an IEMI number with you and are you trying to find the Location of your Mobile then this might not be a good idea and you don’t try even on your own. There is some procedure that you need to follow while doing this.
When you have an IMEI Number with you then you just need to inform both Police and your service provider (like Verizon, AT&T, etc) and give the IMEI number to them. Now they have there owned System to block the Mobile number which having an IMEI that you have given.
Thay will also track by the cell towers which actually will able to find by the cell phone antenna signal. this is how you actually able to Track a Mobile Phone Using Its IMEI Number.

Is it possible to Change Your IMEI Number?

As I said above this is a unique Code which is different for all the Mobiles. but it actually possible to change by Thieves once you have changed an IMEI number you no need to inform anyone. SO Bet way to keep your IMEI safe and Secure.
This is how you can “How to Track a Mobile Phone Using Its IMEI Number”. Still, if you have any Doubts Regarding about this then do let me know by comment section.

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