How to Unsend AOL Mail

How to Unsend AOL Mail- Best AOL Mail Guide 2019

Unsend AOL mail is one of the best features when you wanted to send a mail later and you have decided to cancel it which means the receipt should not read it.


AOL Mail has this beautiful feature, This will may happen to so many time that when we sending an email and we forget to add any attachments or any other includes.


So this AOL mail will allow to the user that still they can easily add and modify a Mail that they have sent until they won’t opened an email that you have sent recently. This feature is only for the AOL mail user which their mail comes with “” email address as their extension.


Is it no a Cool idea Right, There are the People who actually loving this feature ost and most of the people who are still Using it, Even for me it happened many times.


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Aol Mail



How to Unsend AOL Mail:

I hope Now you have An Idea about What are the advantages about this Unsend mail of AOL, Now you just have to Learn How it can you set Up and make it Unsend, Fol Full Guide Just Follow the Guide Below.


Step #1. First, You have to log in to your login

Step #2. Once you have logged into your also account Just Goto “Read Mail” which is in the Tool Bar.

Step #3. Now Simply Click on the “Sent Mail” from the Drop down menu which will appear over there.

Step #4. Simply Find an email that you actually want to Unsend.

Step #5. Once you have found mail Simply Click on the Unsend link which is next to that mail.

Step #6. and finally, You need to confirm it from the windows that it appears to Unsend an AOL email.



This isCompleted Guide for How to Unsend AOL Mail”. There are actually More guides Available on the AOL Mail on this Blog. You can also Check them. Still, if you have any kind of Doubt regarding this AOL Mail then simply DO let me know in the comment section below. we will always ready to Help our Readers.


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