How to use Paytm

How To Use Paytm – Send and recieve money through Paytm

Paytm is a Biggest Online (Digital) payment service which is owned by One 97 Communications. Actually Paytm is launched in August 2010 but it did not reach more in the public but in recent year it getting improving well. In India, there was a demonetization by Prime minister With This effect All the money went into digital what I mean 60% People increased as a digital transaction.


People thought is if anyone wants to pay online the first idea is coming into their head is Paytm. this is the what true is now happening.


Even Some villages also started Using PAYTM app. Becuase this app also has Very easy to use (User Interface) by this case all the less educated person also able to use it.

In another accept, the company PAYTM also has made big marketing without any quality missing.

What Is Paytm?

Paytm is a  digital payment Platform which allows making online payments via Paytm Wallet. From the Paytm Wallet, You can transfer the money to another Paytm member and you can send money to the bank accounts using IFSC code. First, you have to add the money into the Paytm wallet using Debit card, credit card and also you can use internet Banking then you can use your wallet to buy anything in online and also you can Purchase from the Merchants.


What is Paytm Wallet?



how to use paytm app in mobile



Paytm Wallet is a digital payment service where you can transfer your online payments.

what You need to do is first you have to register Your account with the Mobile number and our Email Id. once you register in Paytm wallet then you eligible to make a transaction up to 10,000-/

If Update your KYC (know your customer) then you will ready to make transaction up to 100000-/

Paytm is offering various e-Services like:

  1. Send money to you Bank account
  2. Paytm online purchases
  3. Send money to other Paytm account using Qr (barcode) Scanner.


How to use Paytm:

Paytm Is available in All the languages including you regional language which pretty awesome feature.


How to Use Paytm


As I mentioned above Paytm is a digital payment service where you can make payments online.First, you have Download the Paytm APP

Step 1: First, you have Download the Paytm APP android Download iOS Download

Step 2: Then Open it and register with entering your mobile number and email id.

Step 3: Once you have registered then you will get Paytm dashboard

Step 4: Now you can send and receive money from your PAYTM Wallet.

Step 5: A normal Paytm user can make transactions up to 10.000 but once you did KYC then you are eligible for make transaction up to 1 Lakh.

Step 6: PAYTM is a very user-friendly application that allows paying the e-bills like electricity bill, Mobile bills, WaterBill and Gas Bill Etc.


Paytm offline Payment:


how to use paytm



Yes, you can make Paytm payments offline also. Paytm also offering this features where we can use without internet connection.

  • First,  you have to ask the retailer is he accepting PAYTM Payment
  • Then you login to your account click on send money using QR (Bar) Code  scanner and you will get OTP
  • You can send money to buy you registered mobile number OTP.
  • You have to scan his QR code and enter the money that you want to send and send it.

Paytm Alternatives:

There Some alternatives of PAYTM till now the Paytm is the top of the list because of its service and performance on transactions is just awesome experience more than the rest of the apps below.

1. FreeCharge

2. MobiKwik: 

3. Ola Money

4. PayUMoney

 Is Paytm Safe to use?

This question is raised fro all Paytm users even I also got in my first Paytm using Days. But As per it term and condition it total fine and the  RBI (Reserve bank Of India) also confirmed that PAYTM Is secured with encryption. All your Money is Safe No Need to worry about your money which is in Paytm Wallet.


Please comment below if you have any doubts regarding about paytm!


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  1. Thank you Kanak for posting such an amazing and informative thing on this article. By reading this article, I have understood to use PayTM and linking my bank to the wallet using IFSC codes. Thanks again.

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