How to watch free movies on Chromecast

How to Watch Free Movies on Chromecast- 2019

If you really want to know How to watch free movies on Chromecast Then you are in the right Place where you can easily learn without any problems.


There are many Streaming Sites in the Online world such as HBO GO to Hulu to Netflix which subscription-based Platforms and also they has Huge fan Following over the world.


So whenever you want to watch a movie or any kind of Shows then you will know that sometimes it takes time to get load and also you won’t feel good. You are a Person who not much comfortable with it the Now you no need t worry you can simply start with this new method that says How to watch free movies on your Chromecast device. 


There is also an Android app which you can easily Stream you Comcast and the App called Show Box. It is one of the best App for an Android and it offers Free movie and TV show streamer. also, It offers to Watch the HD Movies for free. Unfortunately, this App is not available on the Google Play store You need to download this app from other sources.


Download and Install Show Box App on your Android Mobile:

Before download and install the App on your device first you have to turn on the Unknown Sources which you can able download the third Party app on your mobile without any Problem. If you have purchased the New Android mobile then By default it is on Disabled Mode. So Whenever you want to Download the 3rd party app then you have to Anable this option.


Download Now


Enable Unknown Sources to 3rd party applications:

  • Unlock your Android mobile.
  • Then Go to the Settings By Click on the gear icon from the Notification bar and Follow the Below.
  • Settings > Applications >  Enable “Unknown Sources”.

Now you are ready To install any Apps from the Third Party Sources.


Browse Your Favorite Movies & Shows:

You can simply start Browsing the Content form these Show Box App on Android. You will see it is very easy and simple navigation that you like to navigate.


Add to Your Personal Library:

Now you just have to Add your content to my Library, once you have added to the library then you can simply able to Browse the same content Whenever you want to watch.


Watch New Movies & Shows with High Quality:

Now Watch Your Latest Movies and Shows For free with high-Quality options and hit either Download or Watch Now. You will have these Two options to watch either online and watch offline after Downalod.


Now Start Stream to Your Chromecast:

The Apps like Allcast, Avia, or LocalCast are the best Solution for the Home streaming solution and this is what makes this app Grete. Simply un-check “Use internal player”, and select your Chromecast capable streamer.



“Show Box” is the best alternative for other Best Streaming Services, Even If you Feel the same thing after use this then Do let us know in the Below Comment section Below.


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