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What does Mean of GIF, YOLO, SMH, IRL.

In the Incent Days, our Parents or GrandMothers have used some kind of words Like “LOL” and “OMG”. But In these trendy and Internet Days, There are many Term has come.


Now We can all see there are Short Word on the internet like GIF, YOLO, SMH, IRL and many other, We will face all these words while we are chatting on the Facebook, Whatsapp and also we usually see those words on Snapchat and Even Instagrams too. Basically, it appears in the on the internet in several places.


So Today I will be going to tell you some Best word what they stand for and what it exactly means. Just Follow the below o know all the Word and it Full form and Complete Meanings.


1. GIF Means: Graphics Interchange Format.

GIFs are The Images which Have Movement on it. I mean these are Moving Images which You will find in all places on the internet like Social Media And many blogs. GIFs are Got Popular in the year of 2012 and It has Placed on the Oxford Dictionary Officially because of Its Popularity in the internet world.



GIFS are Usually used for all type types for advertisements, Fashions, social counters and you can also see any many cartoons and other places. You can use these GIFs for promotions of your Brands too. Basically, It’s Like an Image but the special Thing about GIFs is that as I said above it has the beautiful Effect In terms of looking an Image. A GIF can Attract to you more than a normal Image.


In the Intenet World When It comes to the Social Media World Myspace, Tumbler and Reddit are the Best and Most Users in the Social Media. The most of the Twitters users also very well know about these GIFs. The iPhone and Andriod Users also Can Simply use these GIF by Doing Filters Of them And they can Send to their friends and share to the public on the Social Media and Some Other Places.


You can edit these GIFs by Using the App called Cinemagram. Finally, GIFs are the advanced technology of the Images


2. YOLO Means: You only live Once:

Basically, This YOLO acronym Is use for who someone does any risky, Adventures and Irresponsible. As you can see on the Heading Of  YOLO “You Only Live Once” it Refers if you have done any risky or some adventure activity. It’s like Life comes only once.


yolo means


This Yolo Motto comes from the artist  Drake and Rick Ross’s Hit song The Motto. Once he Posted in the twitters with the Captions You Only Live Once… YOLO. Later on the Google, the YOLO has Started Taken place on the search engine in the in the year of 2011.


3. Trolling Means:

Actually ” Trolling ” means, Pissing off the people by Cleverly. Nowadays we all can see the Trolling on the social media lot. There are the people who make the comment by deliberately. The people who do Trolls are called as the trollers.  As I said these trollers we can find in all the social media network in the comment section. Like Facebook, Youtube and on the social media platforms.


The main work of the trollers is just they want to make others feel insulted. they will play with the emotions of others and even these guys also feel real and they involve completely in the picture of trolling.


There are some websites who have to accept the comment and also chance to make trolls lot. if we take encyclopedia for example. This website has lots of pages who can make trolls on it and all the trollers also doing this as well.



4. SMH Means: Shaking My Head

Shaking My Head is the Acronym The People Who use for Feeling Something Shameful irritates and bored, So They shake their Head by Called SMH. If there is any Bluff Photos, Horrific News and rude comments are there then this Acronym SMH Uses.  Actually, it was used by the Urban Community then we will see on the Internet nowadays.



You will also find there is a website to get the SMH images. MediaTakeOut.com is also one of the best websites who is Offering the best SMH “SHAKING MY HEAD” images.


5. IRL Means: In Real Life

IRL Stand For ” In Real Life ” which Means If you see on Facebook there people who comment on this. if we take an example if there are any old photos of your friend then you can do comment like it is looking very old Photo I wants to see you in IRL. Then he can understand that you want to see him in real life as face to face or just wants to meet Him. Like these type Of situations also people use IRL.


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