ios 11 battery issues

iOS 11 battery issues? Here’s the Best Ways to Fix It Now 2020

iOS 11 battery issues: When the iOS 11 We all have better Excitement and also we feel happy with the latest and the new iOS 11 but Along with this excitement there is also some bad feel by having the iPhone battery drain. If you are also one of the People who Updated to the iOS 11 then Probably you might have also Facing the problem.


Now you Can Save your Battery Dying by Simply Following the Below Steps which also helps in battery Drain on this iOS 11. If you have any model of iPhone like iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8 and iPhone X. By following this Tips in which there are some simple Settings which can make you more happy by saving the Battery for your iPhone.


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How to Save Battery on iPhone or iPad:


ios 11 battery issues


Now by Following the Below Steps you will simply able to save your iPhone Battery which happened with iOS 11 Update. There are some setting that you need to do on your iPhone. All the settings and Some best Tips that I have Given Below that has been Helped for you for sure and also you will definitely feel happy once you have done these tips on your iPhone and iPad.


You can apply all these tips on Updated version iOS 11 and also you can Use it on iOS 10.



iOS 11 on iPhone: Battery Drain on Settings.


ios 11 battery issues


if you have Updated to the iOS 11, then iPhone suggestion these are the setting you can do to save your Battery. First, you have to Go to the Settings app and then click on the Battery, now you will see the Battery Life Suggestions and there you will be seeing the setting which can improve your battery Life which is one of the easiest and the best way to save battery life.


Now If you don’t see any kind of Battery Suggestions in the Settings Tab then its time to skip this step and follow the other best Useful tips in the below that can be the most useful for Sure. also the best part of this Can do this even if you are A newbie.


1. Turn Off Raise to Wake on iPhone:


If you are Using the iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, or later on the iOS version iOS 10.3. This Turn off Raise will also make saves your Battery a lot. TO do this Follow the steps below on your Mobile Settings. Follow the Settings Below.


  • Open Settings > Tap Display & Brightness > Find Raise to Wake > Toggle it off.

2. Update All Apps Available to Update:

This is one of the best Thing that you can do it to Improve your Battery Life for sure. You always check that you have to Updates you all the apps on your iPhone, When the app has come with the new Verison then you must Update it as fast as you can. When you keep all your apps update then it will be the most useful thing that you can Do help with the iPhone battery drain of your phone. Now the Developers which are building the advanced iOS 11 version they are also considering this which helps a lot.


  • Open the App Store > Tap Updates at the bottom right of the screen > Tap Update All in the upper right corner.


3. Reduce the Number of Widgets on Lock Screen:


This is also one of the reasons for your battery Dying, and these are the widgets like weather, they consume the Power to Keep up to date and also the timing widgets and the widget which tell you the latest news and weather from the lock screen will have the capability to consume the power from your phone. Sp of you are using such kinds of widget then You just need to remove it from your Lock screen widget as soon as possible to save your battery and get rid of Battery dying.


  • First, You have to Scroll to the bottom of the widgets page and click on Edit.
  • Just unlock your phone to make changes like add or remove widgets.
  • You have to Tap the red circle which is next to a widget name to remove widgets.
  • Then it will show to Delete. Simply Click on Delete.
  • Then Click on Done.


More you can do on your iPhone to Save your iPhone battery draining fast:


Just Follow these Below Solutions as well to get the Solution For the latest ” iOS 11 battery issues.” One of these Will make and all together will definitely improve your Battery life for sure and there wil be a Solution which iOS nerwer will come Up.


  • Location Services: Only While Using the App.
  • Turn off Background App Refresh.

  • Restart Your iPhone.

  • Turn on Airplane Mode in Locations with Poor Reception.

  • Turn On Reduce Motion.

  • To Make it Last: Turn on Low Power Mode.



This how you can easily get rid of “iOS 11 battery issues” I Hope you can get the Solution for your iPhone 5,6, 7, 8, X. Even still Now if you have not Find out the Solution then Do let me know in the comment section Below. I will definitely help you to get rid of from your Problem.

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