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iPhone Alarm not Working – Problem Fixed 2020

This is one of the Common and Most asked questions that I have been getting from the Users and Also the People who know me as well. So rather Telling each individual separately is not the Point,  So the Way to write an Article which contains all the information, I will be Going to Explain the Complete Details below with All the information that I have for the problem iPhone Alarm Not Working.


Sometimes this small Alarm Thing can do the Big Things such as Missing out Interviews; miss an Appointment and opportunities as well. When they have set an alarm in the Night-time they Just Turn on the Alarm at So Time and they went to sleep. But once they woke up In the Morning and if they check then they may get shocked sometimes because of the Time what going there.


So to stop this is kind of Problem and Set an Alarm for exact time and mainly that should work awesome, then Simply Follow this Guide carefully so That you will get the solution for your Problem from one of these Methods for Sure.



iphone alarm clock not working



Want to Know about About Alarm: Show Me my Alarms 


1. Check the Volume:

 This might seem Silly but there are most of the people who easily forget this and search for other complicated issues when there are no such issues.


iOS has the Different Types of Volume Settings are there one is that Ringer volume and Media volume. So Some People will just Press the Up Volume button and they think all is done but here the main thing that you need to check is that when there are different Volume settings for different than how you can simply volume up and say Everything is Done rather knowing anything about How iOS volume works.


Media Volume is for the Games, Music, and Videos when the Ringer Volume is fro Ringer, Notification and system alerts and alarms.


So now you have to check the Volume level which has to have to set it up the higher Level to Wakes you up. So now you have to Go to the Home screen of your iPhone and Use the Volume Button to increase the Volume before you set it an alarm to wakes you up. Also, you have to Remember that it is labeled as Volume, not Ringer, so make sure that you have to set the Volume for Ringer rather Increase for Media.


This is all you will know from the Home screen not everywhere for Better understanding to the Users.


  • Check The Alarm Sound:

Now you can easily check the Alarm Sound by simply going to Alarm screen then Tap in the Edit in the Upper Left corner of the screen, simply Choose the alarm tone that you want and tap the sound option and check the volume there itself and also you can simply set a Tone which you believed this will defiantly wake me Up for Sure.



why is my iphone alarm not working



2. iPhone Alarm not working:

Now it’s Time to check the reality of the Issues which means the First preference problems. To start check it Go to Clock > Alarm > Edit > Sound. You will see their which Alarm Tone you have set there if there is NONE then your alarm will not going to make the sound to make your Work Done. So make sure there is some Alarm Tone to Aram in the time you have set.

  • Create New Alarms:

This is something you can also try to work your alarm. Just delete all the alarms and recreate the new alarm that can be new with a good tone and make sure that there should be the higher Volume for sure.


  • Reboot your device:

In this method simply turn off the iPhone and Turn On it again by pressing the Power button. Or else you can also do a soft Reset to completely clean the device and start it fresh again.


  • Pres and Hold the Power button and Home Button Simultaneously for the 10 Second or until you see an Apple logo. The release of those Buttons.
  • Now your Phone will be rebooted within some time. You just have to wait until it finished all the process of Reboot.
  • Once everything is done then you will be back to the Home screen of your iPhone.


  • Remove the Third party Alarm apps:

Yes, You have to remove all other third-party alarm apps which can simply help to Work the Original alarm that you have on your iPhone.


  • Check for Update firmware:

Go to the Settings > General > Software update and check are there any Updates from the Apple to install it on your Phone. When there is any kind of update you should download and install it on your phone which wills help to get rid of any kinds of problem that has been you are an encounter with including this Alarm not working.


  • Jailbreak issues:

This can also be the Problem for your alarm Not Working, if your device has been Jailbroken and your alarms also not working then you have to look at this problem by just removing those tweaks one by one. While you are removing then go to an alarm and set it for 1 minute and check it if it is working or not. So that you can understand an issue.


  • Reset All Settings and Restore your device:

When the Above Methods will not be worked for you then it’s time to reset all settings on your device. You actually no need to worry, this will only reset the all settings on your phone but it will not be going to erase any files from your iPhone. So if you have decided to the reset simply Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset all Settings. Once the Device finished Reset you can try an alarm now by setting an alarm for 1 Minute and test it out.


  • Contact to Apple:

Still, Your problem Continues then it’s the final time to Contact to Apple Support team from their website link https://support.apple.com/contact and talk with an expert about your Problem. They will definably help you out with these issues and if there are any serious issues from their side they will defiantly help you Out For Sure.



These are the Top and the Best Solution for “iPhone alarm not working”  Still if you have any Doubts regarding this Posts Do let me know in the Comment Section Below.


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